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Great discovery of Pandora for videos


Mountain View, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2014 -- It’s great to hear that watching most liked videos is effortless by joining Joday. This is an interesting fact that one has total control on watching videos by adapting technology that is tailor made to their choices. Daily number of videos is uploaded on YouTube which is impossible for to watch. It is not essential that each video would be interesting and worth watching. As a result this Pandora for videos was discovered by Nish the initiator of

Small calculation says that 100 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every one minute. This comes to about 144000 hours per day. Therefore if a person wants to watch entire videos uploaded in a day then he has to spend 16 years of lifespan. In short one will be wasting their time and energy. Life is short and the time should be spent wisely. At one is sure to save their time and energy by filtering videos to their likes and preferences. This powerful tool allows applying machine learning algorithms to sort out videos that match the interests and watch patterns.

The technology used here is incredible. Everyday tons of data from many sources is processed by algorithm and applied to machine erudition to filter preferred entertainment. This tool allows to watch the videos that one is interested in. Right now the site is in closed beta version and is inviting 100,000 beta users persistently. Therefore sign up for free and avail 1 year free access. The algorithms evaluate the profile of the users by their likes, people they follow, etc. and match it to each video. The tool suggests things like latest trend on internet, videos based on locations, connections, etc. Consequently this gives better satisfaction in watching videos of preferred choice.

About was started a year back which was created by Mr. Nish. The initiation for this tool was his wife who told him that she spent number of hours watching videos on the internet. He discovered a tool that is useful to sort out useful videos that matched the profile and preference of the user. He hopes to offer support for android native apps at the time of complete launch of the tool. The technology is unique and fulfills the needs and requirements of the people.

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