Sexy Soul Makeover

Jodie Rodenbaugh Shares Her Story and the Sexy Soul Makeover on the Ricki Lake Show

Jodie Rodenbaugh shares with women how to awaken the soul through her Sexy Soul Makeover system on the May 7th episode of The New Ricki Lake Show.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2013 -- Jodie Rodenbaugh, the Sexy Soul Liberator and owner of Sexy Soul Makeover, found her voice and inspiration through her husband’s tragic, sudden death in November of 2008. It was then that Rodenbaugh, a newly single mother expecting another child, recalls that she died with her husband when he was pronounced dead, but had an epiphany of how she had to move on for not only her daughters, but for herself, too.

“There was no other choice than to wake up and be grateful for my own breath,” says Rodenbaugh. “My own transformation out of pain revealed my gifts and purpose to liberate the souls I see in others that are trapped in emotional poverty, due to their own emotional illiteracy by not looking back at what appears to be dark and painful breathing in the gratitude of how far they come, blasting the event, the people involved, and themselves with love and forgiveness, and appreciating the holy mess out of the lessons. Only then, can they move with the lesson through life; otherwise, it will be stored as emotional baggage hoarded internally as guilt, shame, fear, and resentment. “

Thus, the Sexy Soul Makeover was born. Rodenbaugh’s message is about liberating the soul of the clutter and emotional baggage, and finding and being who he or she was born to be. Sexy Soul Makeover has products and services ranging from The Sexy Soul Revolution membership and 21-Day Love Lost Recovery Kit to group and private intensive training, all of which teach how to be emotionally literate and intelligent to go on to lead an emotionally rich and radiant life.

“Spirit is lost with previous love losses and disconnections,” says Rodenbaugh. “It's easy to abandon yourself if we are conscious of what our subconscious (soul) is telling us. Sexy Soul Makeover restores the essence of who you are here to be, and in as little as 6 weeks everyone will want to know what you have been having because they want some too.”

This Tuesday, May 7th, Rodenbaugh will be sharing her story and how to begin an individual Sexy Soul Makeover on The New Ricki Lake Show, “Pregnant and Suddenly Single.” For information on how to begin the Sexy Soul Makeover visit,, like her on Facebook at, and follow her on Twitter at @SexySoulCoach. Each system of the Sexy Soul Makeover will bring out the hidden sexy in each individual.

About Sexy Soul Makeover and Jodie Rodenbaugh
Jodie holds a Masters in Education and spent 16 years dedicated to teaching children the love of learning and eventually expanded her practice to coaching teachers. She holds certifications in both Personal Training-CPT and Life Coaching-CPC and is a Master Practitioner of Energy Leadership, a scientifically proven process created by Dr. Bruce Schneider, where she analyzes client’s results of her Sexy Soul Profile. This assessment is a key first step in her Sexy Soul Makeover project offering black and white validation of the love you’re giving to the world.