Jody Kriss Website Launched to Discuss East River Partners Business Methods

Jody Kriss is the primary in East River Partners and former CFO of Bayrock Group. A new website has been launched to catalog his actions and shed light on his controversial approaches to business.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2014 -- The name Jody Kriss is perhaps not the best known to the general public. However, this New York City real estate developer has established some infamy lately in the business community. After settling for $1.6 million over allegations of poisoning families with lead paint, and in the midst of a property development RICO suit worth one billion dollars, Kriss’ name might not be in the newspapers, but is a commonality in the courtroom.

A new website has been created to bring this behavior to the attention of the public and ensure that any concerned and interested party can clearly understand the facts of the current primary at East River Partners, and draw their own conclusions on the matter.

The facts shared on the website include a history of Jody Kriss’ litigious activities, both on behalf of his former firm and his current, and discusses how they allegedly pressgang defendants to fold to demands. Some of these demands have been infamously preposterous, such as the billion dollar lawsuit filed against Donald Trump and almost a hundred others.

The website has shared a radio interview from a Russian radio station that discussed frankly Jody Kriss’ alleged connections to the country’s underground mafia. The recording discussed Kriss’ activities for over fifteen minutes, and this is just one of many additional links designed to fill in the picture sketched by the facts themselves.

A spokesperson for Jody explained, “We are making no claims about Jody Kriss ourselves, but merely collating the claims made by a vast number of others into a single cohesive collection, a ‘best of’, if you will, of past and current allegations. From Russian mob connections to blackmail and extortion using stolen evidence- none of this is proved outright, but bringing all the claims together makes interesting reading. We will continue to update the site as new facts come to life to ensure everyone has the best information to judge from.”

About Jody
Jody is a website committed to sharing the ventures of litigator Jody Kriss with the general public, collating his many actions into one place so they can be observed and understood in the proper context. The site is regularly updated as new actions are taken.

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