Jody Kriss.Org Launches to Share Supreme Court Summons for One Billion Dollar Law Suit

Jody is a new website that has been created to share a copy of the official Supreme Court summons for Jody Kriss’ one billion dollar lawsuit against 100+ defendants.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2014 -- The legal actions of individuals on behalf of their corporations are more often than not buried under miles of red tape, and the general public rarely gets to see a light shone on the often dubious practices of legal proceedings being used not for justice, but for leverage or even exploitation. A new website, has been created to blow the whistle on one of the biggest lawsuits in recent memory, filed by Jody Kriss against over 100 defendants for a massive one billion dollars. The site has already shared the official court summons for public consumption.

The summons details the number of people called in four distinct groups, including law firms, real estate companies and individuals. There have been suggestions that the billion dollar lawsuit is in regards to grievances over the $420 million Trump SoHo building project, in which Bayrock Group LLC, who Kriss served as CFO for, were only a small part.

The summons is unclear as to the exact nature of the claim but is very clear about the amount sought, an astronomical one billion dollars for just two plaintiffs against nearly a hundred defendants.

A spokesperson for Jody explained, “We have shared the official document online because it provides the kind of specifics omitted by journalistic overviews and headline-grabbing tabloids. We believe that the general public has a right to this information and has a right to question the motives behind a suit of such a scale, which is using the resources of the Supreme Court in a manner that should rightfully raise questions. When more information is available on the case we will share that too, in order that people can keep up to date on this matter, and on the actions of Jody Kriss, the chief plaintiff in the case, whose previous litigations have raised controversy.”

About Jody
Jody is a new website created to share the official Supreme Court summons for a billion dollar lawsuit taken out by Jody Kriss against over a hundred individuals including Donald and Ivanka Trump. The site has been created to draw attention to the lawsuit and question the motives behind it.

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