Launched to Challenge Affront to First Amendment Rights and More

Jody Kriss has filed an astonishing $20 million lawsuit against a New York Blogger for libel, and a new website has been launched to criticize the use of the legal scaremongering to impede rights.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2014 -- New York Blogger Adam Lombardi wrote an article on his Queens Politics website about Jody Kriss’ involvement in property development in the area, raising concerns about Russian Mob connections, bullying litigious tactics and more after Kriss targeted Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams to funnel investment into the region. When asking questions about Kriss’ involvement and past, he was slapped with a $20 million lawsuit through the New York Supreme Court the following day.

Obviously, local activist and blogger Lombardi has nowhere near the resources to even fight a Supreme Court battle, much less pay such a settlement, so a campaign began to get him representation. His lawyer called the suit meritless and frivolous, part of a serial litigators’ playbook to silence criticism.

The new website catalogues the story as it unfolds, drawing information from press releases by Lombardi and Kriss, as well as sharing information on Kriss’ previous dealings which seem to substantiate, or at least provide a basis for, the criticism for which Mr. Lombardi’s first amendment rights are now being stripped through litigious means.

The site’s many links to resources paint a vivid picture of such tendencies toward legal action as a means to many different ends, which some have called a catalog of abuse.

A spokesperson for Jody explained, “Jody Kriss may not be a household name here in America, and yet we have found a Russian radio station dedicating over fifteen minutes of airtime to discussing Kriss’ alleged dealings with unsavory characters in the Russian underworld and how his actions using the laws of the United States to his advantage are exploiting citizens here. When Lombardi attempted to raise a voice in opposition to this it was emphatically silenced to the tune of $20 million dollars. We aim to help raise awareness of Jody Kriss’ alleged sinister dealings and allow people to judge for themselves.”

About Jody
Jody is a website created to shed light on the particulars of a lawsuit filed against New York blogger Adam Lombardi after his criticisms of Kriss, already accused of using mob tactics to crush criticisms, resulted in a $20 million libel case.

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