Launched to Keep Abreast of the Latest Developments in Serial Litigation is a new website created to ensure interested parties can read all about the developments with Jody Kriss and his many active lawsuits, in order to develop a proper context.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2014 -- Celebrities may be used to having fan sites, but for the average citizen, the notion of a website dedicated to following news about you might seem absurd. If however, you had several active lawsuits against defendants of all kinds for a plethora of reasons, including a billion dollar lawsuit against Donald and Ivanka Trump, amongst others, you might begin to understand why people take an interest. Jody Kriss now has the dubious honor of a website dedicated to collating news updates about him, and the site has no shortage of material.

The site already has nearly one hundred different articles for media outlets all over the United States and throughout the world attesting to the many litigations pursued by the former Bayrock Group CFO and primary at East River Partners. While the site eschews commentary of any kind, allowing the facts to speak for themselves, the picture they paint is nonetheless incisive.

The links are added in date order and provide only information as to their source, asking users to click through to see which of the many incidents on record they refer to. News includes of course the billion dollar lawsuit, but also $120 million against property developers and $20 million against an outspoken blogger.

A spokesperson for explained, “We aim to collate as much information as possible so that individuals can be informed of the proper context before making judgments about Jody Kriss. There is no doubt that most of his energies seem directed at the courts these days, and that those energies seem to be billed at an astronomical cost to defendants. What’s interesting however is that when a defendant himself, the case for lead poisoning in children was swept under the table with a massive out of court settlement, suggesting the shoe is uncomfortable when on the other foot.”

About is a new topical newswire site designed to collate all stories breaking that concern Jody Kriss, former CFO of Bayrock Group and primary at East River Partners. The site is regularly updated when news breaks on one of any of his many active lawsuits.

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