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Joe Carson Represents Oilfield Workers in Oklahoma for Workers Comp Disputes

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Oklahoma City, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2013 -- Oilfield jobs can be extremely dangerous and oil workers need to be covered by workers compensation benefits. Workers compensation will help cover oilfield workers in case of injury or illness while on the job. However, not all workers know their benefits and how to receive them from their employer. And some employers do not provide enough benefit.

Joe Carson, a  personal injury lawyer in Oklahoma City , practices workers’ compensation litigation and helps oilfield workers in Oklahoma because of the nature of the job and need for legal protection if hurt. Joe Carson works diligently for oilfield workers because the job is so dangerous.

Why is the job so dangerous?
Oilfield jobs are dangerous due to a variety of reasons. Extreme amounts of physical labor are required when working in the oil fields. Therefore, the exhausting work required can surely bring about extreme tiredness and illness. The strenuous work required particularly affects older workers.

Older oil workers are prone to heart attack as well as respiratory problems. Workers compensation benefits are critical for workers suffering from ailments of this nature. In addition, fatigue is a common complaint of oil workers.

Breathing can become problematic for oil workers because the chemicals contained in oil can damage the lungs and respiratory system. In some cases oil workers may be required to work up to eighty hours a week. These long working hours can surely lead to health problems.

Burns are quite common among oilfield workers. Oilfield workers can easily suffer from second-degree burns while working within the oilfields. Second-degree burns are serious and can have long-term effects on overall health.

Between 2002 and 2007 over 500 oil workers were seriously injured while on the job. In addition, over 200 oil workers actually lost their lives while on the job. Some workers have turned to drugs like amphetamine to deal with the stressful working conditions. Workers have used amphetamine to provide extra energy needed to complete certain tasks while working in the oil fields.

The large number of injuries that occur to oilfield workers is due to lack of education and proper instruction concerning safety. If the employees were given proper instruction concerning safety on the job less injuries would result.

How does Joe Carson help?

Joe Carson provides the representation that workers need. Since litigation is so difficult to manage without knowledge of laws and the system, Joe Carson defends clients who are being mistreated and wouldn’t otherwise receive the compensation they need.

As an  Oklahoma City oilfield injury lawyer , Joe Carson can protect the workers of a major industry in Oklahoma and guarantee that workers compensation is upheld throughout the state.

About Joe Carson
Joe Carson is a personal injury lawyer in Oklahoma City specializing in product liability, workers compensation, auto accident and injury litigation. With a proven record in Oklahoma, Carson represents clients with the utmost expertise and dignity, helping all clients receive the compensation they need to get back on their feet. Carson will review your case for free and provide the legal counsel you need to make a responsible decision.

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