Joel Musambi and Elliot Barkley Seek Funding via Kickstarter to Make Canadian Athletic Recruitment Easy with FlexSports

This campaign is to garner funding support for an easy to use web app that will connect Canadian athletes with collegiate and prep coaches all across North America.


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2014 -- Joel Musambi and Elliot Barkley have a dream to help Canadian athletes unleash their full potential and get the recognition they deserve. Talent is everywhere, but the lack of opportunity is equally present. Simply put, it’s all too common to be unable to achieve dreams because of the lack of money, resources, and structure. This is a common theme for many who have fallen short.

The percentage of athletes participating in their respective sports declines dramatically after the athletes hits 16 years old. Rising costs of universities have made it the norm for a student to graduate with tens of thousands in debt. Canada has witnessed many high caliber athletes give up on their dream simply because of the travel cost and the lack of exposure they need in order to succeed. Travel costs have crippled many opportunities for athletes as many fly to American universities for trials or showcase tournaments.

FlexSports Inc. is all about building something that will give many Canadian individuals the necessary outlet for marketing their athletic abilities. FlexSports will be home to Canada’s first web application geared towards all athletic recruitment for Canadian athletes looking to play collegiate sports in either America or Canada. What they offer is the perfect platform to connect with prep and collegiate coaches from all across North America.

The user friendly app will allow anyone to sign up and the amount of content enabled on the users’ profile will vary depending on which package they select. The app will help in determining an individual's talent, personality, and potential, where they will then be connected with the schools that best fits them. FlexSports Inc will also act as a database for coaches, as they will be able to select a need and position, which will them prop up suggestions for players which fit their criteria. This will prevent the tedious hassle of having to search through a list of players that fit a certain system.

This project has the potential to save hundreds of thousands of dollars for students and their families. One of the biggest kept secrets is the abundance of talented athletes that Canada has to offer. FlexSports is hoping to help Canadians succeed in the world of sports and this web application will help solve that issue, one province at a time.

This project will only be funded if at least $10,000 is pledged by Wed, Aug 27 2014 5:04 AM +05:30.

About the Project
This project looks to create a web app that will connect Canadian athletes with collegiate and prep coaches all across North America. Sports enthusiasts Joel Musambi and Elliot Barkley are looking to raise $10,000 via Kickstarter to make this happen.