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Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- Joe’s New York Pizza Las Vegas, gave back to the community by giving away a free meal to the Severance family. Melissa Severance, mother of four children, was diagnosed with Lyme disease earlier this year. The family has been struggling financially to pay for the necessary treatments to get their mother healthy while providing for a family of 6.

When a parent gets sick, it can make it very difficult to raise and provide for your children the way a mother and father should. When Melissa was diagnosed with Lyme disease, they went from having two incomes to only one. Lyme disease made it difficult for Melissa to work and she was forced to stay-at-home. She and her husband, Brian, had not idea how they were going to take care of their four kids: Emma, Elijah, Scott, and Grace.

But for this family, there was hope. Melissa’s story was submitted to JustPerfect, a company on the search to find everyone’s just perfect moments.After hearing about the Severance family and their struggle,JustPerfect team immediately started a campaign on GoFundMe to raise $60,000 to help ease the financial burden on the family and help Melissa pay for necessary treatment of Lyme disease. They have also gone to a number of local businesses in Nevada and asked them to donate one meal to the family, which can save them anywhere from $60 to $90 a meal. This savings goes towards paying for the life saving treatment for the mother of four. Joe’s New York Pizza gave away a free delicious meal that consisted with the best pizza and Italian food in Las Vegas.

“I want to say thank you to Joe’s New York Pizza. This is not something our family gets to do very much,” said Melissa. “We don’t get to go out, especially not as an entire family. We were able to go out and have a good time and relax and kind of forget about everything and eat some good food. He saved us around $60 to $80, which can now be put towards treatment of getting me better so that I can be a great mother to my kids and get my life back.”

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Joe’s New York Pizza in Las Vegas is known as the best and affordable Italian restaurant in the valley. Aside from their excellent food, they provide excellent customer service to every customer that creates a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for family and friends.

Thanks to Peter Soltesz, the owner, and all the employees of Joe’s New York Pizza Las Vegas for helping one family get one step closer in getting their mother healthy again.

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