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John and Madeline Casselberry Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Produce Children's Book


Alameda, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2017 -- A fun and engaging chapter book series, each volume is targeted towards 6 to 11-year olds, but is suitable for all ages.  With an eclectic mix of characters, readers are able to identify with one or more of the children in the book. The vibrant, colorful illustrations are not only beautiful, but showcase the talents of Jerl Laws.

The Stories

Focusing on making communities stronger, each book focuses on a unique problem within the community that the children must tackle and find ways to solve.

The Characters

The six characters in the story show how a group of neighborhood friends can be diverse and distinctive with their own personal strengths:

- V-Girl – Based on one of the author's twin daughters, V-Girl is an African American fraternal twin who radiates love and compassion and has a flair for the arts.

- Belle – The other twin, Belle is a believer in social justice. She dreams of becoming a rock star and drummer.

- Flaco – A Puerto Rican boy who loves music and dancing, Flaco has a green thumb and gravitates to the natural sciences, nutrition, and health.

- Lyric – An Irish American boy, Lyric is a poet, deep thinker, and philosopher who will never forget the bagpipes his grandad played on special occasions.

- Pixel – As the jokester of the group, Pixel is a positive, solution-oriented Asian American who has a gentle, yet strong presence.

- Ivy – A Native American girl, Ivy is a confident and outspoken vegan who is grounded and in-tune with herself and the world around her.

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at, offers pledge levels from $10 to $1500, with rewards including early bird pricing for a single copy of the book, an autographed copy of the book, an autographed poster sized print, t-shirts, and a Meet and Greet with the creators and children that inspired the characters.  For more information, visit the Kickstarter page.

About The Courageous Adventures of The Konscious Kidz Crew 
A 5-book series focusing on cultural diversity and community issues, The Courageous Adventures of The Konscious Kidz Crew features a group of neighborhood friends who solve problems in their community.

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