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John Barnes Window Tinting Offering Free Estimates for Residential Window Tints This Fall


Lake Worth, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2015 -- When it is time to enjoy leisure such as watching TV or using the computer, nothing seems to be more annoying than a bright glare obstructing the view of the screen. The best and most cost-effective method for getting rid of glares is window tint installation. A high-quality window tint film application minimizes the glare from the sun, unlike blinds and curtains. However, reducing the sun's glare is only one of many benefits that residential window tinting provides. This fall, homeowners can reap the advantages that window tinting offers with the topnotch services of John Barnes Window Tinting. The company is now offering free estimates for their first-rate window tint installation services.

With various levels of darkness to choose from, homeowners can select the window tint film shade that best meets their needs. Not only can the window tint make the home's exterior aesthetically pleasing, but it also rejects UV rays from entering a room by 99%. The window tint films available at John Barnes Window Tinting come with glass warranties and are safe to use on dual-pane glass, as well as impact-resistant glass. With a high-quality residential window tinting application in Boca Raton, FL, blocking the sun's rays, the indoor furniture will be protected from fading so that it will remain in top condition.

Families do not have worry about their children being harmed by UV radiation entering through the windows of their home either, once the window tint film is installed. Homeowners will also see a reduction in electric costs by up to 30%, depending on the type of tint film and the time of year.

The professionals of John Barnes Window Tinting are highly skilled in the industry and have been conducting residential window tinting in the Ft. Lauderdale, FL area for years. To obtain a free quote, please call 561-283-1698.

About John Barnes Window Tinting
John Barnes Window Tinting is a window tinting company that has been serving the Florida area since 1987. Using the best high-quality window films in the industry, the company tints a variety of glass frames, including vehicles, residential housing, and corporate buildings. Having been in business for over 25 years, John Barnes Window Tinting performs with the drive to deliver top-notch service at the most affordable rates. John Barnes Window Tinting is licensed and insured, offering lifetime warranties.

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