John Bucciarelli and Associates Launch Indiegogo Fundraiser to Start the PTSD-MILSIM Challenge


Southbury, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2014 -- Airsoft is a sport in which individuals attempt to participate in the simulation of military combat also called MilSim or law enforcement-style combat; and MilSim is an abbreviation of Military Simulation, and refers to military simulations conducted by civilians for entertainment purposes. This is not the typical airsoft competition; Operation Blacksheep is the marathon of the sport. Operation Blacksheep is a squad based, 18+, 24 hour, force on force, objective oriented, continuous tactical simulation.

The PTSD-MILSIM Challenge will allow the project team to quickly move to the WALK and RUN phases with a solid team and the resources to make a change immediately. The veteran statistics on suicides is unacceptable – 22 a day! The majority of these veterans are under 30 years of age – prime candidates to participate in this sport. Contributions through this project will allow us to bring this experience to a larger audience with the equipment and staffing to provide nationwide events. MILSIM is a worldwide emerging sport. Safety is the number one rule at Blacksheep in producing realistic tactical simulations employing veterans.

Funding support will allow the team to bring this experience to a larger/broader audience and help many veterans ease the pain. This campaign will be used in the following manner:

1. $100,000 - PTSD awareness program development, assistance with alternative methods of therapy, on-staff medical professionals, and research, documentation, and validation of the PTSD benefits. A PTSD Therapist immersion training program will give care givers a basic foundation to understand what veterans have experienced.

2. $50,000 - Television/video development - a television/video series to portray the life of a soldier as experienced through MILSIM and document the positive effects on those who have PTSD.

3. $100,000 - Event production equipment - equipment and supplies to provide the experience that provides the benefit nationwide.

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