John Caballero Sets a Funding Budget of $40,000 in Indiegogo for the Completion of the Apocalypse Survival Guide Project

John Caballero welcomes all to the Apocalypse Survival Guide project. This project helps any person that uses it in case of a disaster (from hurricanes to Zombies to Meteors).


Dumont, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2014 -- This project started almost two years ago during the night of Hurricane Sandy. John Caballero lay in bed frustrated because he had no power, no food, and no way to reach any of his loved ones. He was in a position where he couldn’t help himself or other people. The only thing he could really do was to use his phone. That realization is what gave him the idea for the project.

John immediately designed and started creating an app to help people plan for and get through disasters. Later on, John figured he could use something entertaining like zombies to get people interested while still giving them the tools to make a real plan and actually be prepared. That’s been the main thought process behind everything he has done so far.

John’s step-wise plan for the Apocalypse Survival Guide project comprises of

-Apocalypse Survival Guide app: John has divided all disasters people can plan for by using eight different apocalypses. He has spent over a month on each apocalypse creating the most factual and concise description for each one. Each apocalypse also has tips of what people should do before, during and after disaster strikes.

-The Facebook app: Each Apocalypse has a unique analyzer that gives users their chance of surviving alone. It asks questions about where they’re from, what they know, what they can do, and what they’re willing to do. With the Facebook App, they can see their scores, as well as the scores of all your friends.

-The Apocalypse Survival Guide website: This is the heart of the project. The website is filled with all kinds of really cool, helpful, fun and applicable things. By far, the most important thing in the website is the group plans.

Funds raised via Indiegogo will be used to cover the following expenses

-Finishing the functionality of the project ($15,000): Finishing the iOS app, the ASG website, the FB app, Group Plans, and anything else needed for the whole process to work.

-NYCC 2014 ($15,000): Paying for the booth, make up, cage, props, renting a huge monitor, flyers, booklets, t-shirts, etc.

-Trailer ($10,000): John Caballero and his team intends to a trailer for the ASG Web Series (main marketing tool) that has to be done by NYCC.

Any extra funds raised will be used for marketing, developing the Android version, and filming. The funding budget fixed to meet all these expenses is $80,000.

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About John Caballero
John Caballero is the creator of the Apocalypse Survival Guide project. He loves learning, doing new things, accepting impossible challenges and helping people. John has always had a very busy, work filled life.