John Christopher Seeks Crowdfunding via Kickstarter for Word Battle: An Addictive Word Game on the My Life Book Social Network

My Life Book is Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Angie's list, CareerBuilder, Wordpress, Ebay and many others all rolled into one.


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2014 -- Crowdfunding is sought for a Scrabble-type of game that will be offered on My Life Book. Designed for anywhere from 2-4 players, Word Battle will pit players against each other as they prove their vocabulary skills on the newest social media platform My Life Book.

The founders of My Life Book were tired of the advertisements, the selling of their private information, the endless invitations from their friends to play games they didn’t care about and so much more. Being fed up gave them the fire to create their own social media network that captured the very best of everything social media has to offer without the associated hassles and privacy intrusions.

Other social media websites promise to pay their partners a percent of their advertising revenue which sounds great until one considers that all of that user’s information and related content is up for sale to the highest bidder. Millions of people are giving up their rights every day without even realizing it.

Their Kickstarter project is intended to change the entire paradigm in social media games through a fundamental change in the backend processing of these games which is driven by how game makers monetize the players of those games. On top of that is the philosophy of the founders who were tired of the data mining and psychological profiling that is built in to almost all the social media games out there not to mention the endless amounts of dollars players are enticed to part with.

Our plan is to build our own games minus all that crap. Host them on our servers and our social media site. No information will be transferred to anyone about anything you do. You won't need to post and beg your friends to help. Games will be 100% fully functional.

If their crowdfunding goal is met, all costs to develop and build the game will be covered as well as all related Kickstarter and Amazon fees. Should they exceed their crowdfunding goal, those funds will be devoted to creating new games for My Life Book.

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About My Life Book LLC
Their #1 mission is to provide a private, advertising-free social platform giving people an oasis and a sanctuary from the increasing incursions into the private lives of anyone who wishes to engage in social media without sacrificing privacy. They create My Life Book allow users to get away from all the privacy intrusions of other sites. They have a firm commitment to never sell any information or use any user’s your information to sell anything while giving users total control over their privacy.