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John K. Zaid Launches New Website Geared to Personal Injury Cases

Injured parties find site publishes info needed during a difficult time says Zaid


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2014 -- John K. Zaid announces the launch of his new website, a website dedicated to those injured through the actions of another. The injured party experiences a great deal after being injured in this manner, all in a short period of time, and he or she doesn't need to search for information on what to expect during the legal process or whether or not he or she has a case. The site helps to answer these and many other questions so the injured party remains focused on the recovery process and returning to normal.

"Individuals need questions answered in a timely manner after they have been injured. These questions involve their finances, how to go about filing a case, the solidity of their case, and more. The site helps to answer these and many other common personal injury questions, doing so in a straightforward manner, rather than a legal one. No one wants to hear fancy legal terms being thrown around at this time, so the site explains everything in a way the average person can understand," John K. Zaid declares.

One area of concern for many involves potential case complications. Many worry about medical treatments immediately following the accident, yet fail to look at the future and what medical treatments may be needed later in the recovery process. In addition, the injured party needs to think about how the treatments will affect his or her future employment and earnings, among other things. Mr. Zaid works with clients to examine any potential complications and how they affect the case.

"An individual may contact the office for assistance with his or her personal injury case. If the injured party is a truck driver and the recovery process prohibits him from getting behind the wheel of a truck for an extended period of time, he may not be able to renew his driver license in a timely manner, leading to a whole new set of issues when recovery is complete. This is just one example of a complication which may arise, and one the attorneys look for when assisting a client," Zaid continues.

The site also addresses the issue of selecting an attorney as John K. Zaid wants clients to feel comfortable working with him. The site provides questions which should be asked of any attorney one is considering hiring. Mr. Zaid understands he and his staff members may be asked these questions and is happy to answer them for each new client.

"Personal injury cases often take an extended period of time to resolve, as one doesn't want to rush the process only to find all injuries have not been resolved or new ones appear. For this reason, the attorney and client must feel comfortable working together for an extended period of time. Don't rush the attorney selection process as doing so can be detrimental in the long run. The questions provided are designed to help ensure this doesn't happen," Zaid explains.

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John K. Zaid, a Houston, Texas personal injury attorney, promises integrity with each transaction as customers want to know the costs, fees, and expectations at all times. Mr. Zaid brings the necessary connections to each case, connections built during the hundreds of cases he has handled, and has worked with both insurance companies and other attorneys so he understands how to get a fair settlement for each client making use of his office.