John Kettler Launches Special Access Executive Intelligence Newsletter

Former Military Intelligence Analyst Breaks Stories Completely Missed by the Mainstream Media


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2015 -- JKI (John Kettler Investigates), a site dedicated to investigating, via highly sensitive military-intelligence sources and solid research, what's really going on here and abroad, today announced the launch of its new Special Access Executive Intelligence Newsletter. Special Access reports on stories that are consistently missed by the mainstream media, including exclusive reports on aliens, UFOs, conspiracy theories, the "New World Order," paranormal, and more.

"The purpose of JKI/SPECIAL ACCESS is to provide my audience the kind of rich, informational experience which comes from in-depth exploration of vitally important topics generally not discussed by – or even suppressed in – the mainstream media," said John Kettler. "By moving to a subscription-based model, as so many of the 'big boys' have done, we can improve our coverage, do more research and provide exclusive insider information that very few people in the world know – or will ever know."

With Special Access, JKI will continue to deliver the kind of breakthrough scoops it has become known for in recent times. Examples of recent scoops include:

-Confirmed that Russia used a prohibited nerve agent in Ukraine and then detonated two 2S4 Tyulpan "Tulip" 240 mm self-propelled mortar-delivered tactical nuclear weapons.

-Notified the American public of covert DHS deployment of powerful computer surveillance and tracking software that can determine every site a target computer has visited.

-Exclusively revealed the novel use of a radar-guided AMRAAM air-to-air missile near Kobane, Syria to destroy an ex-Iraqi Army Abrams tank in an impromptu strike which stopped the armored advance for at least 24 hours.

-Provided in-depth coverage of how profoundly deficient White House security was in dealing with the intruder who got into the East Wing.

-Delivered the truth about an airstrike that killed ISIS head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, offering a damage assessment and insights into post-strike ISIS chatter that showed how the killing left ISIS riddled with infighting as the struggle to assume leadership began.

JKI has also investigated the facts to reveal acute contradictions between what President Obama says he intends to do or is doing, when it comes defense and security issues, versus what he actually does:

-Falsely publicly claiming on 60 Minutes that the Pentagon had not given him any options for dealing with ISIS, when he had, in fact, been briefed on an array of options 18 months prior.

-Making claims about a Coalition while refusing to conduct a thorough or effective air campaign.

-Wanting credit for fighting a war while being unwilling to actually fight it - allowing ISIS, both via inaction and the now revealed covert arms shipments to (ISIS) anti-Assad jihadists in Syria--the blowback was Benghazi, to gain advantage in Syria and Iraq.

-Allowing, through a lack of American forces in the region, for ISIS to acquire such WMDs as mustard gas, 1st Generation nerve agent GB/sarin and the vastly more lethal nerve agent known as VX.

-Pointing out the contradiction in posturing regarding Russia: Obama's signaling to Putin by sending 50+ B-1B strategic bombers to the Middle East by way of Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, but still refusing to send any arms to Ukraine itself.

-Repeatedly telling potential foes and actual foes what he will and will not do; encouraging and empowering those who mean the US harm and demoralizing allies and would-be allies.

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About John Kettler
Mr. Kettler is a former military aerospace intelligence analyst with a life-long interest in the interrelated worlds of espionage, covert/special ops, black programs, UFOs, ETs, exotic technology, coverups and more. He spent 11+ years working on defense projects for Hughes Aircraft and Rockwell (from the TOW and AMRAAM missiles to the National Aerospace Plane, and many others). After leaving military aerospace, he did credited Primary Research for the Oscar™ winning documentary "The Panama Deception," wrote 50 articles for AR (Atlantis Rising) magazine, was in two bestselling anthologies and has published two E-books of his own.