John O'Brien Looks to Raise $25,000 via Indiegogo for the Expansion of 'Trinity: Religious Artwork & Icons' 

Share the true blessings of spiritual art. Help Trinity provide Images that Heal, Artworks that Connect, and Icons that Soothe the Soul.


Littleton, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2014 -- John O’Brien is the owner and desert dweller of Trinity: Religious Artwork & Icons. They are a small, family run “Minbiznistry.” Trinity promotes over 850 religious artwork & icons by 8 world renowned artists. They manufacture over 80 product choices for each of the artworks. They offer art that inspires and enlightens. 

Artworks that are “Prayer Windows.”  Artworks that help to enhance one’s relationship with God.  They also provide opportunities for financial support to churches, religious organizations, religious orders and charities.

Every sale of Trinity’s art supports religious orders and charities.  This means that every time someone purchases their art products, they are helping to train and educate new priests and religious, feed the poor, advance the treatment of mental illness and much more. 

So far, Trinity has done a great job with no support.  However, with all the great work they have accomplished, they are unable to thrive for two main reasons. They do not have the funding to promote their Minbiznistry and to purchase new equipment in order to lower the prices of their products.

Indiegogo funding will be used for
Improvements and upgrades required to the website in order to enhance the experience of all visitors and especially to save customers time and money.
New Photo Imaging Printer, Digital Press Printer, and Sublimation Printer in order to lower product costs.
Pay down debt.

All Campaign visitors have the opportunity to receive once in a lifetime Perks such as signed art and great Rewards such as Gift Cards and Cash Cards.

This campaign will receive all funds raised even if it does not reach its goal. Funding duration: February 26, 2014 - April 13, 2014 (11:59pm PT).

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