John Sessa Co-Founder of "Organics of Chicago" Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Change the Lives of Urban Residents by Using Emerging Green Technologies

Organics of Chicago will build urban farms in order to provide organic produce to food deserts and transitional housing, employment and empowerment programming to individuals in need.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2014 -- Organics of Chicago promises to help grow healthy neighborhoods, lives and lifestyles through the best of green innovation and social responsibility. Organics is going to be more than just an urban farm. The buildings will include transitional or supportive housing apartments. The units will house challenged individuals while providing job training and personal development support programming.

Organics will begin executing on their business model by renovating a distressed building in a key urban location in the Chicagoland area in order to function as an organic center. This center will house state-of-the-art aeroponic technology designed to grow USDA certified organic fruits and vegetables. This facility will strive to be “off the grid” or energy independent, equipped with geothermal, solar and wind assisted technologies to accomplish this goal.

They are driven by a business model that allows them to maintain sustainable profitability - reinvesting those profits in the neighborhoods most in need of revitalization.

Organics will deploy seasoned entrepreneurs to execute the business model while using emerging green technologies to advance urban renewal, social welfare and healthy lifestyle choices. They will create indoor urban farms without the use of soil or pesticides - safeguarded from the risks of weather and infestations inherent in other forms of farming.

The intention is to create an environment that fosters creative thinking and training while helping support neighborhood growth and development. These initiatives are all internally fostered, while additionally promoting a community and city wide awareness program focused around nutrition, supportive housing and neighborhood sustainability initiatives.

Monies raises through crowdfunding will applied as follows:
- To license the proprietary aeroponic technology,
- To hire the staff necessary to continue the grant writing and marketing efforts,
- To produce top of the line marketing materials,
- To purchase necessary office equipment and
- To provide operational capital.

This project will only be funded if at least $50,000 is pledged by Fri, Jul 11 2014 10:10 PM +05:30.

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