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Local Teen Mystifier John Tucker Correctly Predicts the Super Bowl at Historic Cotton Bowl Stadium for Charity


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2014 -- Local Dallas Teen Magician/illusionist John Tucker revealed yesterday that he succeeded in creating the illusion that he could predict the outcome of the Super Bowl in an effort to benefit local disadvantaged children through the national nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity Seats Of Dreams. The prediction, which was recorded on a CD, contained John’s accurate forecast of the winner (Seahawks) and final score (43 to 8) of the game, while the MVP player’s name (Malcolm Smith) was found written on the actual CD- under a sticker. The prediction hung for 3 days before the Super Bowl in front of the historic Cotton Bowl Stadium, and the event has raised over $1300 already for Seats of Dreams, a charity which gives donated sports and entertainment tickets to children who are disadvantaged, have disabilities, or who are sick.

The prediction was displayed 24/7 in a locked clear plexiglass cube, who a representative from Fair Park had the only key to, which Tucker claims garnered a further challenge to create the illusion- but by using his skills in this area to accomplish the task, he hoped not only to instill magic into the benefiting kids, but also in everybody watching. “The feeling of magic is so unique- it makes you believe anything in the world is possible- and the goal was to give that feeling to everybody at the revelation of this demonstration, while helping preserve it in the lives of really well-deserving kids.”

At 8:30 AM, on February 3rd, the monday after the Super Bowl, the box was lowered by the Fair Park workers and placed into a CD player- Tucker never touched the CD itself. "This is John Tucker. It's 6:13 a.m. Thursday, January 30, and I'm recording this as my Super Bowl prediction: Go Seahawks! I believe the Seahawks will win the Super Bowl and the final score will be 43-8.” The CD continued to play, ”As for the MVP player -- well, you're going to have to check under the CD sticker for that one.” and to that, Tucker took off a sticker that had been on the CD the entire time, revealing the Malcolm Smith’s name written under it.

When asked why he was so passionate about this project, Tucker explained his experience performing at a subsidized housing complex last year, and how that changed his perception.

“About a year ago I performed for kids at a subsidized housing complex with my local CCA. The kid’s faces lit up in a way like I had never seen before- not only did they appreciate the magic, but they appreciated the mere fact that somebody was doing something for them.” It was then, Tucker said, that he decided to come up with a project to help continue to instill this wonder in kids in difficult situations. “I wanted to bring attention to this cause in an attention capturing way, so that we could make a big difference. Kids in these organizations don’t get the privilege of experiencing that feeling of wonder- like being shown a magic trick, or going to a sporting or concert event, and just being a kid. We wanted to help as many kids in the Dallas area as we can experience those things. They deserve it.”

So far, the event has raised over $1300 to the cause, and the donation website at Indiegogo ( will be open for 2 more days. After the fundraising period is over, Seats of Dreams will convert the donations into event tickets, and they will be given to local organizations like The Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the Children’s Medical Center.

For updates, readers can follow John on Twitter and Instagram @JohnTuckerMagic or check out his website You can see a recap video of the prediction at

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