Walking in South Africa

Johnnie Walker 'Keeps Walking' in South Africa History Exhibit

Popular whisky spokesperson Johnnie Walker 'keeps walking' in South Africa, as the company launches an ad campaign celebrating the country's history.


Welwyn Garden City, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2013 -- Johnnie Walker, the popular spokesperson and mascot for the whiskey of the same name, 'keeps walking' in South Africa, as the local branch of the company gets behind a campaign meant to celebrate the 19th anniversary of the country's independence, and the 22nd of Nelson Mandela's 'walk to freedom'.

Suitably titled 'Keep Walking South Africa', the campaign has the goal of showcasing and celebrating South Africa's biggest and most inspirational moments and accomplishments on the road to becoming the nation they are today. The first step towards this goal comes in the form of a TV advertisement, which is complemented by the launch of a digital consumer platform geared towards social media and networking.

The ad itself is shot in black and white, in a manner meant to evoke a documentary style, and re-enacts some of the key moments in South African history over the past twenty years, serving as a celebration of the nation's identity.

The Johnnie Walker executives do not, however, wish to stop there, and are asking for contributions from South African citizens via their new social platform, launched at the end of April. In it, South Africans can leave comments detailing their personal favourite moments in the country's history, as well as those that made them proud to be South African. The best entries will, according to the company, 'be collected later this year to form the greatest collection of South African achievements in history'.

South Africa transferred from Apartheid to a majority rule system in 1994, with its first presidency being Nelson Mandela himself. Since then, the country has had four more presidents, with the chair currently being occupied by Jacob Zuma. Previous presidents include Thabo Mbeki (the only president to have two terms after his opponent, Zuma, was demoted) and Kgalema Mothlante.

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