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Johnny B. Fast: Over 200,000 Young Readers Flock to 'Super Spy' Series with Wondrous Gadgets, Quirky Characters & Bold Societal Themes

Masterfully crafted by Tom Doganoglu, the five current books in the ‘Johnny B. Fast’ series whisk kids off to a world where their imaginations can run wild, and issues ranging from bullying to coping with parents can be explored with gusto. Doganoglu wanted to bring fresh new blood to a market saturated with ‘cookie-cutter’ spy adventure books that run out of pages without characters facing the consequences of their actions.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2014 -- While most new authors can only expect to pick up a few hundred new readers each year, Tom Doganoglu has amassed over 200,000 adoring fans since just 2011. It’s a testament to the true brevity and uniqueness of ‘Johnny B. Fast’; a five-book series where imaginations and horizons are stretched far beyond the pages of a book.

Young readers are revelling in a world laden with crazy gadgets, larger-than-life characters they’d love to meet and plenty of opportunities to explore issues close to their hearts. This really is fun fused with fiction.

Synopses of the ‘Johnny B. Fast’ books:

‘Johnny B. Fast: The Super Spy 1’ - Johnny Clunker was an awkward and shy kid who kept mostly to himself. But when the school day ended he became Johnny B. Fast, a super spy. Utilizing super technology so advanced that it seems like magic, Johnny and his friends battle the United Order, a ruthless organization trying to acquire the Super Chip – a computer processor so powerful it can virtually hold the world’s technology hostage. But when one of his fellow classmates, Nancy Korrins, is also revealed to be a spy kid who was trained by the world’s most deadly and advanced agent, Johnny has his hands full trying to figure out if he can trust her to help him capture the Super Chip, or if he has to fight her as his greatest rival.

Johnny B. Fast: The Super Spy 2 - Johnny, Nancy, and Ackers find themselves with the dangerous task of guarding the Super Chip so it won't fall into the United Order's hands. There's only one problem: Ackers has swallowed the Chip. Johnny and Nancy do their best to protect him while putting up with his complaints as external agents close in on them. To top it all off, Nancy's motives become more and more suspect, leaving Johnny to face the very real possibility that she could be a threat.

‘Johnny B. Fast: The Super Spy 3’ - There's nowhere left to hide, there's no more time to stall, Nancy has no choice but to take the Super Chip by force from Johnny and Ackers. She's been trained by the most deadly and ruthless agent of all time, and Johnny will have his hands full trying to stop her attacks and come to terms with her betrayal. But even if Johnny B. Fast can somehow manage to save the day, the discovery of a secret could threaten to jeopardize his entire world.

‘Johnny B. Fast 4: Origins Of The Widow’ - There's a beginning to every story: How did Johnny Clunker become a super spy? When did Nancy Korrins begin her brutal training? What drives the Widow Black to be so relentless?

Johnny and Nancy have saved the world from the threat of the Super Chip and life goes back to being as normal as it can for a super spy. But Zarterax, the leader of the United Order, craves revenge! Wanting nothing less than the utter destruction of Johnny B. Fast, he puts a plan into motion that will end Johnny's existence. Can Johnny and Nancy escape his death trap? And can they trust the Widow Black? There's a beginning to every story, but all stories come to an end.

‘Johnny B. Fast 5: Origins Of The Widow’ - Part five focuses on Johnny and Nancy's past training. Meanwhile, back in the present, Ayai's power is running out as she comes closer and closer to ceasing to exist. Johnny and Nancy, still stuck within the deathtrap building, decide to try and talk about their feelings.

“As a prolific reader, I noticed that many spy/adventure novels for young people rapidly ended, without showing the growth of their characters or forcing them to face the consequences of their actions. I set out to change that,” explains Doganoglu. “This is a big story with a very far-reaching vision, one where the characters continuously grow and tell a true story rather than a quick thrill. They’re not perfect and have their flaws; just like young people in the real world.”

Continuing, “With such in-depth character development, the narratives provided the perfect arena for young people to explore pertinent themes such as bullying, past loved ones, finding courage, doing well in school, betrayal, coping with parents and more. This aspect alone is garnering huge praise from parents.”

Hundreds have stopped by Amazon to leave reviews. For example, one reader comments, "From one kid to another, this book is TOTALLY amazing. The characters are interesting and the action is thrilling! The spies have super cool gadgets. I could barely put it down!!"

A teacher adds, “I am a Language Arts teacher for middle school students. I enjoy reading books that I can recommend to my students. I have enjoyed all 3 books in the series so far and I can't wait for the next one to come out.”

The entire ‘Johnny B. Fast’ series is available now: http://amzn.to/1AAFnvz.

About Tom Doganoglu
Tom Doganoglu is the author of the Johnny B. Fast series, Diary of a 6th Grade Wizard, and Omega Squad. To date over 200,000 people have read about the adventures of Johnny, Nancy, Ackers and the rest of the gang.

Tom also wrote and directed the film ‘8 Million Dollars’ (2008) and wrote and executive produced ‘Freezer’ starring Dylan McDermott and Peter Facinelli (2014)