JohnnyDents Now Offering Free Pre-Lease Return Inspections


Pennsauken, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- Drivers can now avoid lease penalties with a free pre-lease return inspection from JohnnyDents. Lease companies don’t expect vehicles back in perfect condition. They generally won’t charge for minor wear and tear, but lessees can expect charges for excessive damage. Since the company will want to lease or sell the vehicle again, they may have a strict definition of “excessive.” Dings, dents, scratches, scuffs, window chips, and missing floor mats negatively affect the value of cars, and lease companies will charge the lessee full body shop price to correct these items.

JohnnyDents helps drivers avoid lease fees by providing a range of affordable reconditioning services. They keep prices low by practicing state of the art paintless dent repair, a minimally invasive method of correcting surface damage to vehicle frames. The Burlington paintless dent repair company now offers free pre-lease return inspections that consistently help their clients save significant amounts of money when it comes time to return the car. JohnnyDents encourages prospective clients to call ahead at 877-317-9931 or email with any questions about their specific lease.

JohnnyDents guarantees all their work – if the results don’t meet or exceed what they promised, the entire repair is free. The shop is an ideal option for the environmentally and economically conscious, as they believe in an intelligent approach to fixing cosmetic vehicle problems. Opting for repairs instead of replacements reduces environmental impact and saves all parties money.

Avoid lease penalties with a free pre-lease return inspection from JohnnyDents. For more information on paintless dent repair in Bucks County, Philadelphia, and South Jersey, call 877-317-9931.

About JohnnyDents
JohnnyDents understands how important cars are to their owners, which is why they provide paint-less dent repair, rim repair, and restoration giving it that brand new look. They offer the highest quality services to clients no matter what type of vehicle they may be driving. JohnnyDents has over a decade of experience with the most advanced technologies and techniques that will rest assure the most critical car owner by providing perfect results.

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