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Johnson Márquez Legal Group Announces Free Divorce Consultation for Spring 2014


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2014 -- Johnson Márquez Legal Group, Colorado family lawyers, is pleased to announce they are offering free divorce consultation for spring 2014. Individuals who have questions regarding their rights in the divorce or the divorce process in general, can schedule a consultation to have all of their questions answered. Divorce law in Colorado is complex, and if an individual has no prior experience with going through a divorce, he or she can feel like there is no hope. However, Johnson Márquez Legal Group can navigate their clients throughout the entire process, obtaining successful results in the end.

When individuals consider a free divorce attorney consultation in Colorado, they often have questions regarding the entire divorce process, particularly on what their individual rights are. Depending on the information given to the divorce attorney consulting with the individual, the firm can help by turning the individual in a specific direction.

When answering questions regarding, “what are my rights?” the firm provides the individual with resources that help he or she understand the difference between fake fears and real fears. Such threatening statements as “take the kids away,” are said to create fear within the spouse’s psyche, however, these statements are made without any basis in the law. If an individual is afraid of this statement, he or she will most likely follow through and give in to the threat.

Other individual right questions involve around retirement accounts, leaving the house, and protection from domestic abuse or violence. Scheduling a free consultation with Johnson Márquez Legal Group can go a long way in terms of understanding these questions.

Individuals can begin their journey to understanding the unknown facts regarding divorce cases, by scheduling a consultation today. To schedule an appointment for legal consultation, please call 720-863-6331.

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