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Johnson Márquez Legal Group Announces Sustainable Retainer Amounts for Clients


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2014 -- Johnson Márquez Legal Group is pleased to announce that they offer sustainable retainer amounts for clients who are interested in receiving high-quality legal services, while keeping costs down at the same time. A divorce case can cause individuals a lot of money, not to mention time and aggravation. However, Johnson Márquez Legal Group can help clients avoid paying huge payments at the beginning of a case.

It is impossible to predict the entire cost of a divorce. Factors that can impact the total cost of a divorce case can include the conflict at hand, which judge is appointed the case, premarital property issues, incompetent lawyers on the other side, and more. The pay-as-you-go approach offered by Johnson Márquez Legal Group helps everyone involved because it keeps the costs manageable. When clients aren’t focused on the cost of the case, they can focus more on the case itself.

Clients of Johnson Márquez Legal Group will receive a schedule of sustainable retainers, so they understand exactly what they are paying for the firm’s legal services. The retainers are to be held in a trust account until the fees are earned, or until the costs acquired. Having the retainer deposited in an account that is separate from the law firm’s office account, ensures maximum security for the retainer.

The retainers set by Johnson Márquez Legal Group are determined by such factors as the type of the case, jurisdiction and level of conflict. Clients who choose the sustainable retainers will be billed as the firm proceeds throughout the case. To receive a free consultation, please call 720-863-6331. By speaking with a family lawyer, individuals can find the best retainer cost for their specific situation and can learn more about how to handle the divorce in a legal manner.

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Johnson Márquez Legal group is a national team of divorce attorneys who are committed to providing assistance for any type of family law case. The attorneys have provided nationwide assistance, collaborating on a variety of cases. To ensure efficient productivity, the legal group has invested heavily in technology, continuing to push the limit and ensuring the attorneys are providing maximum assistance for their clients. The law firm is located on Denver, Colorado.

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