Join and Control Profits with Democratized Social Media

Learn How to Use Social Networking that Simply Pays for Likes, Shares and Views


Saint Clairsville, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2017 -- is pleased to offer excellent platforms for individuals who want their financial freedom and want to be their own bosses. Empowr attempts to offer its members or citizens a democratized social media platform which would be governed by the citizens themselves. The patented platform or app aims at providing economic opportunities and return a major portion of revenues without the need for any investment. All this is done by democratizing the essential features of social networks such as the user interface, advertising and the marketplace.

Empowr is not just a network but an environment which is ruled by the citizens and they have complete control over their profits. The citizens can earn instant money by sharing, liking or viewing other posts or pictures. They will also be able to earn points when others send social shares to the empowr citizens. And then there is the Empowr Marketplace wherein people can buy and sell products. All that the sellers have to do is to list their products and services. Recently, there have been many changes made to the Marketplace platform with a special focus on services. The new platform allows citizens to sell their services based on location. The dashboard also allows them to see whether the buyer has received the services in the said location.

The other major change is the automatic listing of products or services. This reduces the time taken for listing each and every product or service. Most importantly the listings are verified and approved. These changes have been made to enhance the overall user experience and to help them earn more. Empowr allows its citizens to earn through three revenue streams: Marketplace, advertising and subscriptions. And the citizens can earn by playing different roles such as content roles, marketplace roles, educator roles and developer roles. The citizens would be a part of network of trusted relationships and they would be able to earn revenue by sharing and building social capital.

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Empowr,, a network management company was started by Brandie Williams and Michael Cyrus Pousti to provide economic opportunities to people who want to gain financial freedom.