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Remington, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2013 -- People who are searching for their Native American family roots can now join not only to discover their connections but also to learn about the way of life of true Native Americans. Government records and documents reveal that there are more than 500 ‘Federally Recognized American Indian Tribes’, and a minority of the members receive some benefits as well. The website was created by the Lucky Media Group for the purpose of educating people with proven techniques to discover their real family roots connected to Native American tribes. With the help of a few simple steps, one can get started easily with the process of identifying links from the past. The website offers a Native American Connect Formula for $20 which includes details of federal and state registered American Indian Tribes.

Registered members of website can get access to information like health benefits, grants, child care, unlimited Dawes Roll Search, Native trust Fund Search, education, training, tribal leader’s directory, special discounts, updated Tribal benefits info, life-time membership, natives and Obama care. Viewers can also post queries and questions related to the subject through the Blog link, and can receive answers. There are many people in this world who really want to know more about the past, for living in the present without any confusion. The website appears to provide real time information beneficial for all those who are on a quest to discover their roots. Life time membership opportunity can also be accessed through the website.

Jessica Brown, The Native American Connect Formula program’s spokesperson says, “It’s been proven time and time again how many people today with the help of The Native American Connect Formula can go from a zero Native American status to a member of a Native American Tribe with a range of Native American benefits virtually overnight compared to traditional methods.”

A member of can benefit from different printable forms, minority status, upcoming celebrations and events information, adopted native resources, housing, DNA test resources, Canadian Indian resources, nutrition/food programs, native Zodiac chart, Prescription Drug Saving Card and lost C.D.I.B card recovery. The website also provides in detail the processes of Native American Connect Formula through some easy to follow steps. Those who are interested to sense the belonging towards a native tribe can also visit the Facebook and Google Plus page of to collect more information.

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The website aims to assist people who wish to discover their belonging towards Native American Tribes. As part of this process, it offers a Native American Connect Formula that uncovers details of federal and state registered American Indian Tribes.

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