Join & Support Victoria's Case, Battling for Justice to Her Woman Rights, Human Rights and Cause for Peace & Justice

A Woman Victim seeking Justice since 22 Years, from USA (Land of Liberty and Justice to All) and from Kuwait its Ally.


Torrance, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2017 -- Victoria Elia Kaldawi, is an American Lebanese Christian born in Kuwait. Victoria Elia Kaldawi vs State of Kuwait. Representing herself, as Plaintiff, appealed her case on March 21, 2017 at the US Appellate Court 9th Circuit Case #17-55389, after she was denied justice from US District Court of Los Angeles, Case#2:14-cv-07316 filed on September 18th 2014, with 10 crimes committed against her including 15 various violations as recognized by the Universal Human Rights. On July 4th 1995, Plaintiff Victoria, while doing business in a post-Gulf war reconstruction in Kuwait, was abducted illegally by 3 Kuwaiti agents. The US Embassy employees in Kuwait failed to rescue her and perform their duties. Victoria was brutally tortured, injured, assaulted, slandered, persecuted and detained for four days. As a result traumatized Victoria still suffers from PTSD.

Victoria has been battling for justice since then and received nothing but denial from Kuwait, her birth land. The ministry, the agents and the court could not do anything. After 22 years of denial and Kuwait not signing the proof of service for 2 years with disregard to Hague Convention, and after Honorable Judge John Kronstadt at US District Court-Los Angeles, dismissed her case and denied her motions on March 17, 2017, Docket#94, though the court had ordered since February 2016 the Entry of Default against 3 defendants and all were served with Motion Documents.

Victoria is now reaching out to everyone and especially the media to help her get justice not just for her but for all those who are oppressed and need support.

Please Stand Up with Victoria's cause for Peace & Justice, and help her seek justice for her woman and human rights and to all victims, the oppressed against the oppressor.

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About Victoria Elia Kaldawi
Victoria Elia Kaldawi is based in Los Angeles, California, an American Lebanese born in Kuwait, immigrated to USA in 1986, also known as Queen Victoria of Sheba, a gifted Humanitarian Counselor to comfort, heal and inspire people, and a talented performer, entered Hollywood as Singer, Actress, Writer, Executive Producer, to help people as well Children & Youth, through the screen with good Godly Educational stories. This Christian Lebanese American is a Peacemaker on a mission to spread love and peace through all her work, her films, songs, websites and life coaching. In 1998 she established "Victoria World Foundation for Love & Peace" in Beverly Hills, a Non-Profit, for Cultural, Educational, Multi-Media and Humanitarian purposes.

Name: Victoria Elia Kaldawi
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