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Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2014 -- Change is a-foot in today’s workforce. Long gone are the days of the ‘job for life’ or security in the ‘9 to 5’. Economic and social factors have seen a growing surge in the number of people joining the freelance economy – bringing a whole new set of challenges to their everyday work life.

Freelancers find themselves to suddenly be business owners, whether this was a conscious decision or not. This means needing to not only hussle to find work, but to manage themselves as a ‘brand’ also. While freelancers come in many shapes, forms and industries, they all share commonalities when it comes to the challenges of freelance work.

‘This Freelancer Life’ is a digital magazine for today’s freelancer – it’s all about nurturing talent while getting the bills paid and having a life. The magazine tackles topics that challenge all freelancers, as well as featuring more industry-specific knowledge or advice. If given the chance by generous backings, the team on this project will work their hardest to make sure that freelancers have the tools for an improved work-life balance, because life is short and we all deserve the life we choose!

There is no resource available to freelancers yet in this format or quite with the same aims as This Freelancer Life. The digital magazine will be in a handy format, useful for perusing while anywhere on the go (the large proportion of the freelance workforce is mobile after all!).

Importantly, ‘This Freelancer Life’ is founded by freelancers, for freelancers. This means that information provided is coming from rock-solid industry sources who understand the unique challenges (and pain points!) of today’s freelancer. In a world of heavy competition, how can freelancers avoid putting the ‘free’ in freelancing, grow their business and enjoy balance? This is the magazine to delve into tips and resources for all of that, including interviews and showcases of the amazing talent in the freelancing community.

Completion of this project requires design work, licensing fees, app fees, advertising and paying the contributors. The team values the talent out there in the freelance world and are committed to providing their staff writers with the compensation they have rightly earned. There are too many ‘starving artists’ who are expected to ‘free’- lance - their skills deserve some cash.

Money raised via Kickstarter will be used for

-Design fees: $1320
-Staff writers: $2400
-App Fees: $3588
-Website and various fixes: $150
-Kickstarter items (based on a 250-person estimate): $3000
-Shipping-related costs (man-hours and fulfilment centres): $500
-8% Kickstarter and Amazon fees: $876.64

This project will only be funded if at least $12,000 is pledged by Thu, Jun 26 2014 8:31 PM +05:30.

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