Jon Hagadorn Seeks Kickstarter Funding for the Making of 1001 Heroes Podcast-Season II

Rising New Podcast Makes History Come Alive.


Virginia Beach, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2015 -- There's a new history teacher in town who believes there's a story behind every story, and fans of his weekly podcast shows agree. "We have been absolutely blown away by listener response and feedback", quotes Jon Hagadorn, the creator and host of 1001 Heroes, Legends, Histories & Mysteries.

"We launched our show at iTunes and back in January and three months later we were still wondering if we would reach one thousand listeners…then, people started finding us, and started coming to our website at, and catching us at podbay, iTunes, Stitcher, and all the rest, and within a few more months we were seeing 70,000 downloads a month…about 83% from the US, and also in over 120 countries…"

His show, focusing on heroes, unique moments in history, and largely untold stories, has received lots of attention, as book publicists for the best-selling "Becoming George Washington" and Random House/Penguin's Korean war epic "Devotion" have contacted him for interview driven shows. "Our top performing episodes have been "Gremlins-The WWII Myth That Became A Movie", "The Mysterious Death of Edgar Allen Poe", and "The Knights Templar-Crusaders or Conspirators"….with lots of close runner-ups", Hagadorn quips. "The most satisfying part of doing this show is getting feedback from fans who tell us they had no idea of some of the stories we are bringing and that we make history come alive in our shows. That's what keeps me going. This is all out of my time and pockets...we are looking for ways to get support, which we need if we are going to grow next year."

Jon is currently trying a crowdfunding promotion at and offering supporters a 15 second "shout out" to what has now become a large international fan base, in addition to :30 and :60 second opportunities for supporters to promote their businesses and websites. To pledge, and days are running out, go to and search 1001 Heroes. Support will go to making 1001 bigger and better in 2016. "It has been a slow start to a 30 day effort…most people think radio and podcasting is free…but it takes about 20 hours a week to research, write, narrate and edit a 35 minute episode…and that time and the cost of keeping the show online out there is much more than most people know. We could really use support now".

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1001 Heroes Podcast is a free audio show, averaging about 35 minutes each. Conceptualized by Jon Hagadorn to educate, inform, and entertain, it delivers on all levels. It is fast-paced, compelling, and fun, and it brings history to life.

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