JonesCuttingBoards Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Effectively Handle High Demand

JonesCuttingBoards is a family owned business offering uniquely designed hardwood cutting boards. Owner Martin Jones is looking to raise $10,000 to handle an increasing demand for the company’s products.


Mercer, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2016 -- JonesCuttingBoards is a family owned and operated business in Pennsylvania, specializing in different types of hardwood cutting boards. The company delivers some of the most durable and beautiful cutting boards available, utilizing rough cut lumber conforming to the highest grade. Most of the cutting boards available in the market tend to have a negative impact on the expensive knife blades. However, the popular end grain cutting boards from JonesCuttingBoards does not cause any damage to the blades. The company also claims that their boards are built to outlast the users.

Led by the company's owner Martin Jones, JonesCuttingBoards has a wealth of experience in the process of constructing hardwood cutting boards. Utilizing numerous detailed steps, the company is known to deliver world class products that complement the style and decor of any modern-day kitchen.

Highlighting the uniqueness of JonesCuttingBoards as a family owned business, Martin states, "Good communication and a close relationship that goes deeper than the work environment is the key to keeping JonesCuttingBoards in motion. Our work is our product, it has our name on it. It's not the same feeling as working for a company that you're just a number in and barely make it through the day to get a pay check. We have pride in our work and are driven to put 100% out every day. All this in hopes to make it the best success as possible for us and our children."

The demand for the cutting boards from JonesCuttingBoards has reached a stage where the company's small shop is no longer able to handle the production needs. Martin has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $10,000. Proceeds from this campaign will be used to purchase a shipping container and clamp rack system. "The shipping container would be for storage that would allow us to move our lumber and fork lift out of shop making room for a new clamp rack system. This will allow us to comfortably take on large order clients, make the boards more efficiently, and meet order deadlines," Martin said.

In the long run, Martin would like to purchase a piece of land close to his current property to build an entirely new shop specifically designed for the construction of JonesCuttingBoards.

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About JonesCuttingBoards
JonesCuttingBoards is a small family owned and operated wood shop Pennsylvania that specializes in unique designed intricate hardwood cutting boards. The company has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to handle higher demand for their products.