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Joomla to WordPress - More Opportunities with CMS2CMS

CMS2CMS. website migration service, proudly announces its refined and updated migration opportunity from Joomla to WordPress. From the time on, apart from textual content migration (categories, images, users, etc.) - SEO links, modules data and 301 redirects from Joomla URLs to WordPress are also available.


Ternopil, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2014 -- CMS2CMS online converter, widens its scope of migration opportunities, having developed additional features for Joomla to WordPress migration opportunity. Since this time on the data conversion across the above-mentioned CMS is more accomplished and ultimate, making the service users even more satisfied with it.

CMS2CMS team of highly-experienced developers is constantly struggling to improve customer migration experience. Based on users’ feedback and suggestions - a whole bunch of new features has been added to meet their evolving business requirements.

CMS2CMS: Joomla to WordPress Migration. Key Features.

Intuitive Interface. There’s no training required to master and operate the tool properly.

Speedy Performance. Due to the fact that the migrations are performed in a fully automated way, the service bills itself as fast and hassle-free one.

Free Preview. The service gives an opportunity to run free Demo migration to see how it works in action.

Availability. With some of the most competitive prices on the Internet today, CMS2CMS still keeps costs low for its clients making the converter accessible for everyone.

Until recently, CMS2CMS service included Joomla pages, articles, categories, sections, content images, user data, internal links, comments, etc. to be converted to WordPress. Presently, the scope of Joomla to WordPress migration has been considerably expanded, allowing to import the following entities as well:

SEO Migration. Since losing rankings and SEO juice after website migration is the major concern among website owners, CMS2CMS did their best to minimize any negative effects after Joomla to WordPress transfer.

SEO URLs migration. All internal links can now be formed according to the structure a user defines on the new WordPress site (this is optional).

SEO data migration. It's become possible to migrate meta keywords and descriptions from sh404SEF Joomla extension into WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin (it has to be installed on WordPress site prior to migration itself).

Automated 301 Permanent Redirects. As an option, clients can choose to receive a set of redirect rules generated for their specific websites to insert into their configuration file. This is the best practice for preserving rankings and traffic after migration.

Module Data Migration. Currently the following modules are supported:

JComments - directly into WordPress

sh404SEF (meta keywords and descriptions) - into WordPress SEO by Yoast

Phoca Gallery (images and galleries) - into NextGen Gallery.

To conclude with another good news, CMS2CMS makes public Joomla to WordPress Migration Plugin ensuring your conversion across these two software go even more faster and straighforward.

Find more details about Joomla to WordPress migration with this service here.

CMS2CMS is a next-generation web service that has been specifically created for automated website content migration across CMS solutions. The main prerogative of the converter is making it accessible for everyone to perform the switch no matter experts or novices alike.

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