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Jose Davila, a Prominent Artist from Mexico, Exhibits the Lightness of Weight Featuring Balancing Marble Slabs by Caayu


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2014 -- Jose Davila launched an exhibition of new work entitled, The Lightness of Weight at the Sean Kelly Gallery in New York. The key installation, Look Mickey, features three balancing marble slabs fabricated by Caayu. Each slab is held up by gravity, its own weight, and counterbalanced by industrial ratchet straps.

Jose Davila is a prominent Mexican-born artist. His education as an architect has greatly influenced his aesthetic. “In a sort of mirage, the artist uses different reproduction stages to dismantle the relation between form and content, as well as manifest the virtues and deficiencies of his references.” For over a decade, Mr. Davila has pushed the boundaries and re-designed the possibilities of conceptual art.

The artists’ primary interests include architecture, minimalism, and equilibrium, and the majority of his work incorporates these intriguing elements. “Davila’s work addresses the question about the limits of instrumental values through the use of common materials to create sculptures, objects, and installation.” The pioneer takes an innovative and avant-garde approach to art, while re-conceptualizing the ways in which to utilize space.

His modern work has been featured around the world, from Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporaneo in Mexico City to New York City’s MoMA, and everywhere in between. The electrifying showcase included sculpture, photography, and works on paper.

In the lobby of the Sean Kelly Gallery is Look Mickey, a work which features three entirely freestanding marble slabs. Interestingly, each slab is held up by gravity, it’s own weight, and counterbalanced by industrial ratchet straps. “Their balance however, is accompanied by tension, as the sculpture appears on the verge of collapse.” The sculpture itself engages and entices the audience, drawing a sense of anticipation and imminent danger. Selected for the Look Mickey installation, was Abu Black marble fabricated by Caayu . Marble, not cited for it’s strength, is an uncanny choice that adds another layer of complexity to the freestanding piece. Davila chose Abu Black due to it’s multi-grain pattern and color diversity, with jagged and rugged borders, the stone exudes a raw and immediate sense of nature, ultimately creating a juxtaposition between smooth granular patterns and organic rustic charm.

Through visually arresting displays, Look Mickey tests the traditional ideas of space and perception. The exhibition artistically showcases various ways diametrically opposing qualities work together to create form and equilibrium.

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