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Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2014 -- In 2011, YouGov conducted research to determine dating statistics in the UK. As part of this study, they interviewed 2,500 individuals across the country to determine attitudes and, during this process, found that approximately 8.6 million singles are part of Britain's dating community. Of this group, approximately 75 percent had yet to engage in a relationship for more than two years. When one ends a relationship, it may be mutual or it may be at the discretion of only one partner, leading the other partner to wonder how to get over an ex.

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This process definitely works as the author used them when trying to get over a relationship he was involved in. He created this process for his own personal use and had great success. Over time, he realized that others may benefit from the process he created and decided to share this information with others in an e-book.

"Grateful readers from around the globe used this program with great success. In addition, one can visit the website to obtain additional information on how to get through this difficult time. No one wants to see a relationship end when both parties aren't in agreement that splitting is the best move. For those who wish to remain in the relationship when the other party doesn't, this information will be of great help", Rose promises.

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