Joseph Chikelue Obi Formidably Seeks 100000000 (One Hundred Million) Alternative Medicine Apprentices


Belfast, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/17/2013 -- To ethically celebrate the recent recognition of Registered Informal Learning Programs by all National Governments within the European Union (EU), it is officially reported that Controversial Black European Politician, Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi, is currently seeking One Hundred Million Alternative Medicine Students, for what is billed to become the Largest Ever Online Informal Healthcare Training Course in History.

Yes. You (most) certainly did hear us quite correctly. 100000000 of them.

The Sole Aim of the Landmark Educational Project is to Legally Provide almost Every Major Household on the Planet with some form of Basic

Informal Knowledge in Self-Care, Healthy Living, Dsease Prevention, Integrated  Wellness and Holistic Wellbeing.

To Duly Participate in this Highly Audacious Initiative , Prospective Applicants will simply have to carefully follow 3 Simple Steps (below) :

Step Number 1 : Carefully Find the Official Google+ Profile of Joseph Chikelue Obi (;  and promptly add him to any one of your Active Google Circles.

The Importance of Adding Him to your Google Circles cannot be overemphasized, since most of the Assessment Questions may be drawn from whatever he (personally) considers to be Exceedingly Relevant at the time.

Step Number 2 : Urgently Proceed to his (One and Only, Exclusive) Lulu eBook Spotlight (; and duly purchase the Home Study Course (Presentation) Pack, which is currently on sale for only US$99.

The Price of the Course may soon go up to US$499 (Without Notice; since the US$99 Price is provisionally based on 100 Million Participants).

So Kindly Hurry!

Remember to keep your Valid Lulu Receipt as Proof of Purchase, or you will not be able to get your Official Certificate at the end of the Course.

Step Number 3 :  After Comprehensively Assimilating Everything inside the Home Study Course (Presentation) Pack, you should then (Confidently) Visit his Official LinkedIn (Alternative Medicine Doctor) Profile ( to directly apply for your Free Phone Interview (and Assessment) which will be intensively conducted by either him or any one of his (Registered) Wellness Consultants.

Each Assessment should not take longer than an Hour (60 Minutes).

Please Note that Successful Candidates will be swiftly emailed an Electronic Official Course Completion Certificate in the Name of Whosever appears on the Lulu Purchase Receipt.

Only One Lulu Receipt will be Valid Per Candidate. Do not attempt to Share (or Fraudulently Counterfeit) It.

Each Receipt will entitle a Candidate to a Maximum of 3 (Phone Assessment) Attempts.

Not Many Folk will actually pass the Assessment on their Very First Sitting.

No Pain, No Gain !

Those who Gloriously Succeed in their various Phone Assessments will then be able to duly upgrade to various other (Face-to-Face) Advanced Training Courses (and Apprenticeships or Seminars or Workshops);  without the need for any other Prior Academic  Qualifications. They will also (ultimately) be (vibrantly) assisted to (Lawfully) Set Up their very own Alternative Medicine Clinics and Wellness Centers.

For Further Updates, please kindly visit the Official 2014 MEP Campaign Website of Doctor Obi at .

Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi is a Registered Learning Provider in Europe.

The Language of Instruction of all of his Programmes is English.

He is Constantly Evolving

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