Joseph Chikelue Obi Formidably Seeks 100000000 (One Hundred Million) Alternative Medicine Apprentices


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi, a Controversial Black European Politician, is currently seeking One Hundred Million Students to publicly sign up for an Alternative Medicine Course; under the auspices of the Registered Informal Learning Program for Apprentices.

To this effect, Prof Obi’s program is all set to be recognized as the Largest Ever Online Informal Healthcare Training Course in History.

Via such a massive scale Online Healthcare Training Program, Joseph Chikelue Obi ethically intends to directly reach almost every willing household ; while ultimately wishing to comprehensively (and internationally) spread a relatively diverse range of Basic Clinical Knowledge concerning Natural Healthcare , Wellness and Wellbeing.

According to him, the primary objective of this program is to formidably empower the masses in those particular areas where they can lawfully take Simple Preventive Measures concerning Holistic Disease Control and therefore safely embrace a Healthy (or Much Healthier) way of Living.

Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi firmly opines that Healthcare Costs are rising very (very) fast indeed. At the same time, mankind is becoming much more vulnerable to various kinds of Fatal (and Bothersome) Diseases, mostly because of not maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle and not knowing enough about Integrated Prevention of Diseases.

According to him, “When millions of Apprentices are duly trained in Alternative Healthcare, they will (cost-effectively) prove to be a Massive Game Changer , and will ultimately bring remarkable changes within the General Healthcare Scenario of the Whole Wide World , particularly in Europe , America , Asia , Africa and the Pacific Regions. They will exponentially make Healthcare Strategies much more accessible (and affordable) to those relevant strata of Society which cannot simply afford Conventional Healthcare Costs. By providing people with Basic Informal Knowledge of Self-Care, our principal endeavor is to ethically promote Optimized Wholesome Wellness of Body, Mind, Spirit and Society.”

National Governments within the European Union (EU) are officially supporting the Informal Learning Method which is the fundamental basis of delivery of the program ; and numerous Policy Makers as well as Healthcare Experts across Europe (and beyond) have duly appreciated that the Alternative Health Course which Chikelue Obi has initiated is for the Noble Benefit of Society at Large.

According to some of these Statutory Authorities and Top Experts, Alternative Medicine can additionally prove to be highly instrumental in controlling breakouts of several kinds of Diseases, some of which could even take the form of epidemics, when timely prevention is not possible. When people are completely aware of Basic Disease Control Methods and also have Simple Knowledge of Self-Care, they could then be able to Safely Manage certain Clinical Aspects of their Diseases (or Ailments) in a very timely manner.

Timely Interventions would therefore hopefully restrict further Disease Complications; and this is one of the major goals that Chikelue bravely intends to achieve from the Alternative Health Course which he has exclusively designed.

The efforts of Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi could laudably (or skeptically) be seen as a (One-Man) Mission to make the Earth as Free from Diseases as possible.

People who find Prof Joseph Chikelue Obi and his Online Healthcare Program very inspiring and want to be part of this noble agenda, can now promptly gather relevant official details about the project , by simply visiting his website at

About Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi
Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi is a Controversial Black European Politician as well as a Formidable Global Advocate of Alternative Healthcare. He boldly supports various Alternative Medicine Campaigns, most especially those with an objective of safely empowering mankind with Basic Informal Knowledge of Self-Care, Disease Prevention and Healthy Living.

Professor Obi is currently inviting a Hundred Million Trainees to openly join his Alternative Healthcare Apprenticeship Scheme (Online Training Program).

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