Boy Band Drummer Josh Devine of "One Direction" Creates a Stir in Hollywood With Local Country Pop Star Savannah Phillips


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2012 -- When it comes to Hollywood and entertainment a juicy story usually sells newspapers and magazines, That?s why we have decided to take a look at this ongoing saga with one of the hottest boy bands on tour right now.

We caught up with the super mega band in Los Angeles while they were doing their duties making young girls loose their senses while performing in California, Josh Devine the drummer of the band has been spotted hanging out and cruising through Hollywood with Savannah Phillips a very pretty and rising pop star.

The blonde and talented Savannah Phillips has been seen at their concerts in other states and hanging backstage with the band..... now young diehard fans of the band are trying to figure out the connection. Rumors started to swirl after paparazzi snapped photos of Josh Devine leaving the “W” hotel in Savannah?s black mercedes truck, an hour later they were spotted inside a tattoo parlor on Sunset Blvd.

Thousands of fans throughout the world would like to know......what is really going on? We reached out to her publicist Nikk St. Croix and her management FAF Management but got no comment........Wish we had the answers.... but at least it?s good chatter for the rumor mill, Just a matter of time before we see this story developing on TMZ...