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Journal to My Success: Fashion Magnate's New Book Fuses Scripture & Spur to Prove Anyone Can Find Success

Chapter one of Prophetess Suzette A. Kelly’s compelling autobiography is captivating readers from all walks of life and inspiring them to believe that anything is achievable. While life is often riddled with adversity, ‘Journal To My Success’ displays how Kelly used God’s word and her own tenacity to transition from a struggling Christian to a dominant force in the corporate fashion world.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2014 -- Those who know Prophetess Suzette A. Kelly today see a hugely-respected business woman who has captured the market of fashion with her patten jeans and is the chief designer at Sarahi House of Fashion. While a true beacon of success, few realize that pre-2008 life for Kelly was awash with unfulfilled dreams and a constant struggle to find faith.

It’s a transition that not only changed Kelly’s life, but has since inspired thousands of other people through ‘Journal To My Success: Chapter One’. This unique autobiography/self-help book melds motivation and scripture to recount the author’s eight-year journey to the top of her game.

“I want people to realize that they can survive all of their struggles and ultimately triumph – even if the journey won’t be easy. I’ve found the perfect balance of motivational wisdom and spiritual guidance to prevent anyone from giving up on life. We can only be defined by our raw determination, and my book will help all readers find the bold drive they thought they didn’t have,” says Kelly.

Continuing, “The narrative gives dates, times and notes as God gave them to me, after officially launching the vision that became Sarahi. I share my ups, my downs, some of the songs, the scriptures and the prayers that kept me motivated during my birthing season of Sarahi."

Above all, Kelly has been overwhelmed by and inundated with positive responses from readers.

For example Ruth Tuffet, CEO of TruLife, comments, “There are books that change your mind and then there are books that change your life. This book will change your life. It gives a direct and honest approach to how faith without works is dead. How we must take responsibility for our actions and decisions. One of those decisions is trusting and following the word of God. Suzette's story is unique, but she shares it in a way that everyone from all walks of life can see themselves and find familiarity in it. You'll also find that once you pick this up you won't want to put it down.”

Adrian was equally as impressed, “This book describes a really unique and truthful journey to success. I was able to learn many valuable ideals that are usually only learned through experience by simply reading this book. For anyone who is on a true personal journey to success I recommend this as a MUST READ.”

“As you can see, this isn’t just a book for women. Plenty of men are finding that it changes their lives, too. The story is still writing itself, so future chapters will be released as and when God continues to guide me down life’s path. I hope others will stay with me for the journey, because we’ll all benefit collectively,” Kelly adds.

‘Journal To My Success: Chapter One’, published by Sarahi Publishing Group, is available now:

A JOURNAL TO MY SUCCESS CHAPTER ONE by Prophetess Suzette A. Kelly https://itun.es/us/YIE8V.l

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://www.prophetesssuzetteakelly.com.

About Prophetess Suzette A. Kelly
Prophetess Suzette A. Kelly grew up a "Preacher's Kid" but, did not want to answer her true calling. So, she stayed away from the church. However, in 2002 after numerous experiences with God, she eventually stopped running to answer her calling; because, when God called her with fear, her journey was set. She accepted the calling to the office of the prophetic in December 2004 and sat under other ministries to gain the knowledge God wanted her to learn. She learned from ministries such as Potter's Vessel Ministry and Dr. Cindy Trimm Ministry.

It was November 2008 when God the Father decided to train her, answering her prayer making her like the prophets of old. From then on, she would not go where He does not send her or speak if He is not speaking. God has finished the process and has crowned her as Prophetess Suzette A. Kelly, His prophet to the nations.

Prophetess Suzette A. Kelly is not only a prophet, but also a strong businesswomen and owner of Sarahi House of Fashion. Launched in 2010, Sarahi came from her desire to create a savvy, innate clothing line that speaks to women who have had difficulty finding designer wear simply because of their size. A true fashionista with an eye for detail, Kelly spent hours fitting and correcting jean patterns so that the fit would be flattering while maintaining a trend-setting aesthetic. She believes a woman can be dressed elegantly while still covering her most precious asset; her body.