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Journalist Relates Experience Walking Morocco with Berbers

Irish Examiner reporter Dan MacCarthy relates his experiences walking Morocco in an exclusive website feature.


Welwyn Garden City, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2013 -- Irish Examiner reporter Dan McCarthy has recently shared his experiences walking Morocco in an exclusive website piece entitled 'Walking With Berbers'.

McCarthy had the enviable opportunity to spend a few days among members of that particular people, who inhabit a part of the country located roughly 2 kilometres above sea level, during his one-week stint walking Morocco.

His observations and acquired knowledge are contained in the feature, which also describes the remainder of his trek across the North African country.

The Irish Examiner staffer started his journey at the town of Imlil, but spent only one night in that town before heading for more inhospitable regions. Clad in typical berber garb, and accompanied by a fellow trekker, a guide, a cook and a donkey, the journalist took to the mountains with the intent of visiting authentic villages inhabited by these people.

Along the way, the party also passed the village of Hillary Clinton, which acquired that name after the American politician attended a wedding there.

For McClaren, this trip was one more of self-enlightenment than tourism. Stopping at all the small Berber villages, the journalist was able to appreciate the differences in culture and lifestyle between this still very rural and simple people and the Western civilization.

Despite the existence of a Berber television channel, and at least one famous member of the people (French footballer Zinedine Zidane), the Berber world is one without cable television or wi-fi, where the predominantly farming people get up before dawn and are wide awake by the time the muezzin calls for prayer.

Berber country in Morocco also offers some stunning views, such as that of Mount Toubkai, the highest in North Africa. The mountain and its surrounding valleys also make for excellent destinations for walking enthusiasts visiting this part of the world.

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