JP Morgan Chase Settles for over $274,000 in Foreclosure Damages

Erik and Kari Cryder had their backs to the wall with a foreclosure sale date pending on their home in California. When they hired and Paladin Securitization Auditors, everything changed in their favor.


Cheyenne, WY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/14/2013 -- The Cyders had a recent foreclosure sale date set by JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A. and they decided to fight back against what they believed was wrongful foreclosure. They looked to The Law Offices of Art Hoomiratana at for foreclosure defense services. then suggested they hire Paladin Securitization Auditors to provide a securitization audit for their case. The audit found clear evidence of statutory violations, promissory estoppels, Negligence, Negligent Misrepresentation, Violation of Business and Professional Code 17 200. Armed and ready, sued JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A. for Fraud and Wrongful Foreclosure.

As soon as the suit hit the courtroom, the judge issued a temporary restraining order against JP Morgan Chase Bank and allowed the Cryders to stay in their home for the duration of the litigation. If that sounded like a win, the outcome will open the eyes of homeowners nationwide. JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A. settled on a monthly mortgage payment reduction from $3,842.61 to $3,127.71 – a savings of $714.90 per month. Additionally, they agreed that for every year, for three years, that Erik and Kari Cryder successfully made all of their mortgage payments on time the lender would forgive $91,638.29 of their total mortgage balance. If the Cryders are capable of making their payments on time for the next three years, they will have been awarded a grand total of $274,914.84 in damages from the lender.

This amazing story is not uncommon and Paladin Securitization Auditors is urging homeowners to take a closer look at their mortgage situation. They are currently offering a free phone consultation to homeowners who feel they may be victims of foreclosure fraud or negligence on behalf of the lender. Their number is (877) 848-8088 or you can contact them via email here:

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Ventura County Superior Court State of California

Case # 56-2012-00419756-CU-OR-BTA