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JPT Peptides Technologies- The Most Economical Epitope-Resolved Seromarker Profiling

Adorned with the status of being the best peptide synthesis service provider, JPT Peptide Technologies is creating waves with the Epitope-Resolved Seromarker Profiling amongst the industry enthusiasts.


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2013 -- Berlin, Germany (December 20th, 2013) --- A certified and dedicated company, JPT Peptides Technologies, is a market leader when it comes to providing high quality peptide microarrays and other related peptide products and services. The firm is an ISO certified partner for seromarker as well as antigen profiling, immune monitoring, biomarker discovery and epitope mapping. With the Epitope-Resolved Seromarker Profiling, they were able to present a balancing program that is reasonable for humoral immune response profiling. With the help of an array of samples, the humoral immune response profiling is carried out efficiently. The Epitope-Resolved Seromarker Profiling launch offer was valid only till November 30th, 2013, but with the great response received and the strong demand for the same, JPT has decided to extend this offer.

The three main steps/deliverable involved in Epitope-Resolved Seromarker Profiling are as follows:-

The clinical or research laboratory with patient samples provides-
- Antigen sequence (up to 775 aa length – max. 188 peptides)
- A collection of 20 biological samples

JPT executes the following-
- Designing peptides and its synthesis
- Printing and incubation of microarray

Deliverable by JPT-
- Experiment descriptions
- Analysis and evaluation of the data
- Detailed and comprehensive report with results and discussion

The assay format of the Epitope-Resolved Seromarker Profiling is Multiwell Peptide Microarrays. The Multiwell Peptide Microarrays exhibit approximately 188 peptides in triplicates per well that are associated with one’s choice of protein and are incubated with up to twenty samples, for example, serum, whole blood, synovial fluids and so on.

The main highlights of the Epitope-Resolved Seromarker Profiling comprises of low cost per samples at the same time high sample throughput. It helps to identify seromarkers for cancer, infective and autoimmune diseases and allergies. Seromarker Profiling Service provides an array of benefits including well-established assay environment, sample handling by DIN ISO 9001:2008 and GCLP regulated environment, and many more.

About JPT Peptide Technologies
JPT Peptide Technologies is the leading one-stop source when it comes to a wide range of applications in research and clinical trials. They strive hard to grow and innovate with every project and every program related to peptides. The Epitope-Resolved Seromarker Profiling launch offer that consists of incubation and data evaluation with up to twenty samples is available for just $1999.

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