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Lauderdale Lakes, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2013 -- Near everyone dreams of having the perfect wedding. Some people want theirs to be high on a hill with all their family and friends to see, others want secluded beach front weddings spent with select people, or even simple church ceremonies with all the festivities and merrymaking thereafter. Before all these can be made possible, however, there is a certain tradition that must be upheld: the proposal.

No proposal is complete without the perfect wedding bands or engagement rings. Rings have long been symbols for the sacrament of holy matrimony, representing eternal promise, trust, loyalty and love. People take special care in selecting the right one since there is no going back on such monumental decisions. JR Jewelers gives special attention to this by making sure that a customer’s demands are met by providing high quality personalized jewelry.

Amongtheir catalogue are Danhov engagement rings. Long known for producing astounding and award-winning engagement rings, the collection follows their belief that the ring is an extention of its owner’s philosophy and lifestyle. The collection shows off a wide array of rings from modern minimalist to classic baroque designs perfect for anyone who wants to walk down the aisle in style.

Their Scott Kay wedding bands also boast a premiere selection of top quality rings. Also known for their belief that the ring is a means of expressing one’s self, the collection features elegantly designed rings meant to exude the bearer’s intense desires, faith, commitment and unwavering strength.

Not to be outdone is their fine collection of ArtCarved engagement rings. Established in the 1850s, these rings take years of experience, craftsmanship and understanding to provide its customers with the kind of quality that can only be found in the work of a true master.

These rings are sybolic of two lives willing to stand the test of time together through their committment, trust and love. And if time stands testament to anything, it is to the fact that the collections carried by JR Jewelers have remained magnificent and coveted throughout the ages.