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JRE Private Limited Offers Flexible Hoses and Couplings for Industrial Use


Mumbai, Maharashtra -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2019 -- JRE Private Limited was purposefully established with the mission of producing and supplying top quality flexible connections that could be used across all industries where they are required. For close to four decades, the manufacturer and distributor has stopped at nothing to deliver on their objectives while being committed to innovation and integrity. JRE Private Limited has through these endeavors, risen to be a globally renowned brand whose products have been widely embraced and are used in industries that have exacting specifications and are highly demanding.

Speaking about how they have maintained the lead in the industry over the years, the company spokesperson commented, "As a pioneer in the field of flexible hose assemblies, we have come to understand the necessity of always staying ahead of market trends. To achieve this, we have been dedicated to never-ending research and development that is complemented by the investment in our in-house modern technology. As such, we are always at the forefront of developing and producing product models that meet and surpass the specifications expected in the industry."

Clients looking for hydraulic crimping machines produced by Finn Power in India now have in JRE PRIVATE LTD, a reliable partner to cater for all their demands. The distributor has partnered with the world leader in hydraulic technology and has the expertise to sell and service all their machines. JRE PRIVATE LTD has their sales and service team well versed with the operation mechanisms of all popular releases from the manufacturer including hose cutting machines, cable crimping machines, hose skiving machines, and special nut crimping machines respectively.

Talking about their wide range of flexible hoses, the company spokesperson added, "As a flexible hose manufacturer, we have built an extensive inventory that takes into account all industries that require a flexible connection. The main categories of our products include composite hoses, specialized rubber hoses, hydraulic hoses, PTFE hoses, utility rubber hoses, and rig hoses. For each category, we have several models that have been specially crafted to take into account various industrial requirements. You, therefore, have in us the confidence of fully tailored solutions that will guarantee top performance and lasting satisfaction, as all our hoses, are built for durability."

Industries looking for a quick release coupling manufacturer that they can depend on for products developed using the latest technologies have in JRE Private Limited the perfect partner whose solutions have been pre-approved. The manufacturer understands the value of safe and reliable connections, and besides technology, has equally developed a comprehensive quality control procedure. These top-notch systems have been the manufacturer's greatest strength in the development of quick couplings that are excellently designed, corrosion resistant, easy to use, and highly durable.

About JRE Private Limited
JRE Private Limited is an ISO and OHSAS certified manufacturer that has been in operation since 1981 with their focus being in flexible hose assemblies and flexible connections that they have used to address industrial requirements.

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