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JS Recruiting Inc Steps Forward to Discuss the Common Executive Recruitment Scam

The executive recruitment scam is a problem that should be taken seriously. Unfortunately, many individuals and companies are falling victim to this scam. JS Recruiting Inc. has stepped forward in order to raise awareness and make sure their executives stay safe.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2017 -- Knowledge can be very powerful, especially when it comes to staying safe in potentially dangerous situation. Unfortunately, companies, or property criminals that call themselves a company, are taking part in a variety of executive recruitment scam methods that only lead to harsh results.

JS Recruiting Inc., a company based in New York City has stepped out in order to help shed some light on these harsh elements. JS Recruiting Inc. is well known for offering comprehensive executive search services for over three decades. With this amount of experience in their hands, they are obviously experienced in job recruiting topics, especially when it concerns executives.

"We are very passionate about our industry and for this reason, it is only natural for us to do our part and expose these criminals that are using it as a smoke screen for their criminal activities," commended a spokesperson for JS Recruiting Inc. "The executive recruiting scam is not something that we should turn our heads on. This is a serious problem that requires our immediate attention as we do not want to see anyone else get taken advantage of."

According to the recruitment experts that work at JS Recruiting Inc., the executive recruitment scam appears to be a fraudster that is pretending to be a legit agent. This scam usually starts out with the recruiter speaking with the executive and making promises that just don't add up. They normally speak of a well-paying job in another country. When the individual arrives in this country, they find that there is no job and that their passport has been stolen by violent criminals who then force them into working manual labor – or worse.

The second common use of the executive recruiting scam has the "recruiter" requesting large cash sums, up front, from the individual looking for a job. Two things are wrong here – asking for advance payments and asking for large payments are something no real service would ever do. Once the money is handed over, it is stolen, an excuse is made and this so called "amazing job opportunity like none other" never unfolds.

No smart company or smart executive should ever find themselves entangled with these type of criminals. A better option here would be to turn to true professionals that can be trusted, like JS Recruiting Inc. JS Recruiting Inc. are professionals that have 30+ years of recruitment experience and have a proven path of success.

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