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Entrepreneur - Internet Marketer - Real Estate Investor - Top Wealth Coach - Radio Personality – Speaker – J T Foxx is the whole package.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2012 -- Mega partnering (a J T Foxx establishment) is the world’s # 1 Wealth Networking Conference which takes place all over the world and features celebrities, industry leaders, millionaires, and ordinary people looking to do extraordinary things in today’s market. It is a platform for riveting talks and partnership ideas from the World's Best Entrepreneurs.

JT Foxx coaches - in the middle of all these power people is you. In business it’s not what you know, or who you know — but who knows you. Relational capital is one of the most important components for success in today’s ever-changing market. He also involved in networking includes learning called mega partnering.

Mega Partnering is not a sale-a-thon with parades of speakers hawking their books and tapes. Rather, it’s about networking with and learning from, some of the most successful, current, and relevant entrepreneurs.

About JT Foxx:
Founder of Mega Partnering, a syndicated weekend radio personality, an unparalleled coach and a well established real estate businessman – J T Foxx has made himself, in 6 years, one of the very few - world’s most famous personalities.

Even though his acknowledgment and victory in business, real estate and radio continues to rise, J.T.’s true passion is coaching and reaching out to those who dream of achieving their goals by creating differentiation and thinking differently.

J.T. Foxx is beloved by his audiences for his results oriented, no-nonsense approach to business and to life - but most importantly because he gives them the tools not only to make more money, but to thrive and make a powerful impact for the better.

Like J.T. says – “Go Big or Go Home!”

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