Jubirev Banking on a Profitable Sunrise as They Prepare for Jubirev Launch Phase 3


Kennesaw, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2013 -- Jubirev is a company that is following the very successful revenue sharing model in the Network marketing and MLM industry. The business is based on the company splitting their daily products with their members who are challenged with the business of advertising for the company their Jubimax product line with includes, health, fitness, vitality, beauty and travel products and services.

Jubirev is the marketing arm of Jubimax and is currently in phase 2 of their launch where individuals have the opportunity to position themselves in their business system and invite others to join them in order to make residual commissions in the multi-level style.

What makes Jubirev interesting compared to other programs in the revenue sharing industry is they have a “Pay it Forward” feature which allows their promoters to help their family or friends get started in the business by helping pay for the monthly subscriptions or to load their Jubi balance so they can buy and give away Jubimax products.

Jubirev seems to be a company that is focused on actual products and is not in the penny auction business where many other companies sharing the revenue sharing idea have tried to compete with penny auction giants such as Quibids and Beezid who spend their millions in profit on traditional advertising.

Jubirev also features a great business building tool called JubiSuite where promoters can place individuals in their team and help them succeed without penalty from losing money on their first generational level. This is a huge draw to MLM leaders as it promotes activity through team leader promotions where people can be rewarded with whole legs from their upline for high performance and effort in the bid to build out strong teams.

Jubirev is still in pre-launch and founders positions are still available up to March 22nd.

The company is thrilled with their Alexa ranking in just a few short weeks that indicates they are one of the top viewed websites in the world and the business is very strong right out of the gate.

There are many MLM opportunities with the Revenue Sharing model right now trying to gain a share of the millions of work from home business people around the world such as AddWallet, AdsProitReward, which are both advertising sites. There is also the very popular, but now questionable Profitable Sunrise which is based on the banking system backed by real estate.

But, Jubirev is destined to become one of the revenue sharing giants of 2013 by offering the products that are in demand by the every day consumer and to build their profit sharing business model backed by the strength of quality products that will be shipped around the world.

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