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Miramar Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2013 -- Two years ago, the revenue sharing opportunity exploded into the network marketing world with Zeek Rewards and since then, many companies have been trying to emulate the success, but with a better product and compensation plan.

Jubirev is one of those companies that have exploded up the Alexa rankings in just a few short weeks. A quick review of the Jubirev Website shows the basics of the company, with their intro video and opportunity overview. But, how much has changed from prior revenue sharing opportunities that have been a huge success out the door, but have ultimately failed?

Well, Jubirev, based out of the UK is trying to do things bigger and better with a more sustainable product in the form of Health and Nutrition products, like many other MLM companies and the also have a travel booking engine where you can use your Jubi Points to book family vacations all over the world.

There are multiple ways to earn in Jubirev and one of the keys to being a fast starter and getting in during pre-launch is their force filled matrix.

This is the key to the majority of the income for top leaders and the way your Jubi point balance will grow faster and faster for increases daily points from the revenue sharing.

One such leader is Coach Van, from North Carolina who had the fortune of getting in early with Zeek Rewards and then implemented his own marketing tools which he made available to everyone in his team and eventually grow his team to over 466,000 in Zeek Rewards.

Coach Van is backing Jubirev to be bigger and better and is calling on his team of 466,000 to join him and believes his new Jubirev team will hit the million mark within a year.

The payout from the matrix under this kind of leader is what people dream about when they join a network marketing opportunity, but most never realize the potential that an early position in the matrix as well as a team leader with proven team building tools can bring.

Jubirev will be interesting to watch over the next year to see how it is going to grasp hold of the network marketing industry with the proven revenue sharing compensation plan.

You can find out more about Jubirev and Coach Van by checking out this Jubirev review.

Jubirev with Jubimax products should be around for the long haul, but only time will tell.

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Neil Howe is an internet marketer who specializes in reviewing new products and companies to market. Jubirev and Jubimax are the new revenue sharing models that have taken people's attention after the success of Zeek Rewards. Is Jubirev a scam? Will it get closed. Here is the Jubirev Review.

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