Jude Kriwald Looks to Garner Support via Kickstarter to Help Andrey Osyanin Publish the Photo Book "Unknown Kyrgyzstan"

This project is about a limited edition photo book about a small yet amazing country with stunningly powerful nature and friendly, heartwarming people.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/28/2014 -- “Kyrgyzstan? Where is it?” – This is, perhaps, the most common question from people who hear about this country for the first time. This project’s goal is to make sure that after looking through this photo book this question will turn to exclamation – “Kyrgyzstan? I want to go there!”

"Unknown Kyrgyzstan" is a photo book, which presents the works of several authors, being in love with the scenery of Kyrgyzstan, responsiveness of local nomads, purity of glacial rivers, silence of snowy peaks, and hot sand on the shore of “Kyrgyz sea” - the Issyk-Kul Lake. For Kyrgyzstan the project will be the first of its kind in terms of both the quality of work and the print quality of the edition. Inside this book, readers will find general information about Kyrgyzstan + 101 amazing picture of high quality with comments + many positive emotions.      

In order to publish a limited edition of the photo book, Jude Kriwald and Andrey Osyanin have set a goal of £8.450 to publish 1,000 copies of the book. As a bonus to the photo book, ??300 sets of unique postcards will also be made. Each set will include 16 high-quality postcards. On the front side of the cards, 16 of the 101 photos presented in the photo book will be used.

It is unlikely that the public will find few, if any, books about this country in bookstores. Photo books about Kyrgyzstan in the world are even harder to find. Mr. Kriwald does not know of any tourist or traveler leaving Kyrgyzstan would not want to come back with such a book in hand. A book about Kyrgyzstan is the first of its kind as far as is known making this book unique in all respects..Taking this book in hand, readers will discover an amazing new world that many people will surely want to visit and explore.

The funding target includes all fees, translation of the photo book text from Russian to English, to pay for the work of the layout designer, and printing of 300 sets of postcards.   

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