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EvannsCollectionLaw Launches - California Judgment Collection Services

The Evanns Collection Law Firm announces the creation of its new website at: EvannsCollectionLaw.com for clients needing aggressive legal assistance in debt collection and enforcement civil judgments awarded by the court.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2012 -- Evanns Collection Law Firm announce the creation of their new website at: EvannsCollectionLaw.com for clients needing quick and aggressive assistance in judgment enforcement by a court order. EvannsCollectionLaw.com is the leading California judgment collection law firm and can often get results on your case in a matter of days.

As a former collection company owner and attorney, Richard O. Evanns of Evanns Collection Law has the education and experience needed to secure judgment payments from the most evasive debtors. With industry connections, security clearance to the vital databases, and technological know how, Richard O. Evanns can locate your debtors assets and levy them on your behalf.

In addition to the collection of child support payments, Evanns Collection Law Firm can also enforce spousal support and civil judgment orders won against individuals and companies. Whether the debtor has moved, closed a business, or just refuses to comply with the court order; the judgment recovery services offered at EvannsCollectionLaw.com can employ various legal enforcement methods to satisfy your judgment. Once a debtor is located, assets and wages can be uncovered and seized or garnished to the fullest extent of the law.

Attorney Richard O. Evanns believes each case has its own specific needs. Each case is given customized treatment to rectify the issue by avoiding additional litigation.

The services of Richard O. Evanns can be utilized before a civil trial in which you are seeking a judgment. Pre-litigation investigations into the debtor’s assets can determine whether they have adequate assets before pursuing a case. It is also beneficial to do a pre-litigation investigation to make sure the debtor does not have hidden or transferred assets that could be awarded.

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Anyone needing assistance or information is welcome to stop by or call the office at (213) 404-1002 for a free consultation regarding their judgement recovery needs. For more information about recovering judgements for child or spousal support, or any other judgement, visit the official website at EvannsCollectionLaw.com. Evanns Collection Law Firm believe in taking judgment enforcement cases at no upfront cost to customers.