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Juicepresso USA Launches Blog Fostering Health Through Improved Nutrition

Juicing is an easier and less time-consuming method of meeting daily fruit and vegetable intake requirements, publishes juicepressousa.com.


Memphis, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2015 -- Nutrition guidelines recommend adults have between five and thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables each day though these amounts vary depending on age, weight and other common factors. In contrast, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports in a June 10, 2105 study an estimated 76 percent fail to reach this fruit intake goal with 87 percent falling short on vegetable consumption. While many put forth the effort to meet these nutritional requirements, busy lifestyles combined with reliance on fast food and prepackaged snacks often counter such measures.

This is old news to the staff of Juicepresso USA who have ridden out the front lines of the juicing industry for quite some time. In an effort to foster the healthier lifestyle movement, spokesperson Daniel Winer has recently launched the company's Juicepresso blog. Said Winer, "It's no secret fresh fruits and vegetables hold a number of essential vitamins and minerals, but in order to truly benefit from them in the traditional manner, people would have to basically eat all day. Juicing is a great way to glean those nutrients in an easier, less time-consuming manner, which is among the reasons we created our blog."

Cooking fruits and vegetables has been found to negatively impact their nutrient content largely due to loss of moisture content. This same factor causes such foods to become less filling, leading to consumption of more calories in order to curb feelings of hunger. Unprocessed juices made from fresh, raw vegetables and fruits have been said to aid in weight loss; at the same time, chlorophyll from leafy greens serve to remove toxins from the body. For this reason, these types of foods are recommended as part of a Juice Cleanse diet.

The Juicepresso USA blog offers numerous helpful elements for newcomers to juicing and veterans on the subject alike. Articles are available noting benefits of this course of action as well as tips regarding which foods are appropriate for various goals participants may have as part of their efforts. Additionally, a range of juice recipes are provided using both conventional and uncommon types of produce.

Concluded Winer, "We are firm believers in the health and weight management aspects of juicing. Our blog is designed to help make the transition to this technique easier for novices while offering more in-depth tips and ideas to those who may be growing bored with their current juice-based diets. Anyone interested is encouraged to visit our website. We will continue to update our information and add new recipes on a regular basis."

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