Juicers and Recipes

Juicers and Recipes Provides a Resourceful Juicing Website with Reviews and Recipes


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2012 -- Juicers and Recipes (http://www.juicersandrecipes.com) is announcing publicly today that their mega-resource website provides help for people just starting out by offering Juicing basics information, Juicer recipes, and Juicer reviews.

Kristjan Olafsson, media contact, was asked earlier why this particular website was developed. "We enjoy eating healthy so when we tried juicing and discovered the health benefits it offered, we decided to launch www.juicersandrecipes.com since we found out early on that juicing requires a lot of time to learn. Our website makes it easier for those that are getting started with juicing. The website also offers reviews on different juicers to help give visitors more information before purchasing. We also have a recipe section on our site to make it easier to create specific juices for different tastes and health benefits."

Asked if there was an area of the site that visitors tended to visit most often, Olafsson said, "The Juicing Basics section is very popular since many people have heard about juicing and want to enjoy the health benefits it offers. Unfortunately, many people are not sure where to begin when it comes to juicing. What's fun about the entire process is there is no 'right or wrong' way to 'juice', and in fact, a person can make his or her own recipes as they go along. Of course, in the beginning, we wanted recipes and specific step-by-step instructions because we were afraid of doing it 'wrong', so we understand the hesitancy all too well."

"We have a section on the site, Recipes for Juicers that is also a popular area for anyone who wants to follow tried and true recipes, which simplifies the juicing process. The recipes section continues to grow and we are quite proud of this. Many of the recipes are simple and basic while others are a bit more involved. All of the recipes are designed to be easy to follow, and the user has the ability to print the recipes if needed," said Olafsson.

When asked about the future of the website, Olafsson smiled and added, "We see a very bright future since our website is seeing more traffic and has gained more exposure recently, which we are thrilled about. This tells us that there are many people hearing about juicing and looking for resources online to learn about it and take part in something that really makes a difference in their health. This is what our website is all about, providing resources so that the beginner is not overwhelmed by the large learning curve that often accompanies juicing. The site is definitely a work in progress and will continue to grow."

About Juicers and Recipes
The Juicers and Recipes website began out of the love of fresh juice and everything to do with juicing. The website offers resources for the beginner, recipes, and reviews of various juicers to help readers choose a juicer that will meet their needs. The information on the site is meant to be informative and the site continues to grow as the owners continue adding more resources for those interested in juicing.